Why You Should Build Connections to Get a Job in the Cannabis Industry?


It is imperative that when applying for jobs in the cannabis industry that you make plenty of connections to maximize your chances of success during the recruitment process, according to http://jobs.cannabis.net/. Whilst there is plenty of fantastic opportunities out there to take advantage of, employers most of the time tend to hire candidates that come with some form of recommendation from a person they know and trust.

The industry depends a lot on trust and credibility. If an employer hires someone they don’t know and trust, the new person may not obey the rules, and this could land the business in hot water. There is also the chance that the new employee steals produce from the business.

Whilst the closer the connection you have with someone the better, this doesn’t mean you need to know your connection all that well. It could be just a case of being well known. This could be done by writing blogs about the industry at large, which is a great way of pushing your name out there. Another great way to do this is to attend conferences and network with others at these events. Don’t be afraid to speak to others. Use the conference to speak to as many people as possible in a short period of time.

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Education is key

To be successful with your application, the employer is likely to insist on some form of training. Sure, a university degree will make you more employable than someone who only has basic training. But, experience is what many employers will be looking for when they are looking to hire a bud tender, as they will have good experience with working with different strains.

It is possible to teach yourself the basics of the industry by enrolling at various online cannabis universities. These are becoming more recognizable by employers, as they realise the syllabus is being taught by some well-known faces and experienced cannabis experts. Before you go ahead and enrol, make sure the course is fully accredited, so it is recognized by employers. It is highly recommendable to research and read various reviews of the course you are looking to undertake before going ahead.

If you feel like you are ready to take the plunge and apply for a job in the industry, it is possible to search for jobs in your local area by using the cannabis jobs near me tool at http://jobs.cannabis.net/cm/candidate/search_jobs.