The 3 safety signs every business needs to know about

safety signs

All businesses need to understand that safety signs are a critical part of health and safety policies. From school signs to construction site signs; there are so many different signage solutions out there, and they all play a crucial role when it comes to keeping people safe. They provide instant visual communication of vital safety messages, as well as highlighting hazards and safe work methods. With that in mind, in this blog post, we are going to take a look at three of the important safety signs that every business needs to know about. It does not matter what industry you operate in, these are three of the most vital safety signs that you should be investing in.

The slip, trip, and fall sign 

Every day slips, falls, and trips are some of the most common injuries that can happen at any sort of business. When it comes to workplace safety injuries, they are also some of the most costly. From a box that falls out of place to an uneven surface; there are so many different ways that such an accident can happen. This is why it is important to make sure that caution signs are used so that potential risk areas are pointed out so that people can act with more care.

The slip, trip, and fall sign, is typically a yellow triangle, with a black outline. Instead of the triangle, there is an image of a person falling. You can get different signs depending on the specific risk. For example, there are caution signs for slippery floors, as well as those warning people to mind the step. The image inside of the triangle will change depending on the risk, depicting it appropriately. There are also cases whereby rather than having an image of a person tripping or falling inside of the triangle, there is simply a large exclamation mark. This is to catch attention.

Using signage to prevent slips, trips, and falls is just one of the methods that should be part of your health and safety plan. Depending on the risk, for example, whether it is a cracked pavement or an uneven surface, you are going to need to make sure that you do everything possible in order to reduce the chances of an accident happening.

Fire safety signage

No matter whether you run a local coffee shop or you have a massive manufacturing plant, you are going to need to invest in fire safety signs. The risk of a fire is something that can impact all buildings, and therefore, this is something that all businesses need to be concerned with.

There are a lot of different fire signs available. For example, there are signs that detail what people should do in the event of a fire. One of the most common signs is the ‘fire exit’ sign. This is designed to make it obvious and clear regarding where the fire exit is. These signs are essential for complex and bigger buildings. This sign is used to label the quickest and shortest route out of a building.

As mentioned, you can also get fire action notice signs. These signs have been designed to inform visitors and employees of the action they should take should a fire occur. These signs can include specific instructions regarding the building, assembly point information, how to exit the building, the address of the building, and the phone number for the fire brigade. Of course, the signs can be made to suit the bespoke needs of your business.

Machine safety sign

The third and final safety sign that we are going to take a look at is the machine safety sign. If you are working in the presence of heavy-duty machines, it is imperative to know the functions of each machine to make certain that your employees are going to stay out of the way of any potential harm. A machine that can begin without warning can cause a huge threat to any person when it comes to amputations, lacerations, and caught-in injuries. Simply posting a sign to help to remind a worker about the machine they are working around is a great first step.

However, you can also get a range of other signs that are designed to enhance safety when it comes to machine operation. For example, you can get signs that indicate maintenance is being carried out on a machine or that batteries are currently being charged. This can come with instructions on whether or not the machine can be used, and if so, what steps need to be taken.

You can also get different signs that indicate how a machine should be used. For example, there are signs that inform workers that the machine needs to be switched off when it is not in use, that machine should be stopped before guards are removed, that guards need to be in position before starting, and so on. These signs tend to be made in blue, with white writing. You can, of course, get such signs customised so that they suit the specific needs of your business and the machines that are being operated.

Dangerous machine procedure signs are very popular. They contain a list of all of the steps that need to be taken so that a machine is used safely, including safety checks and age limits.

So there you have it: an insight into three safety signs that every business needs to know about. However, it is critical to realise that these are three signs of many. It is unlikely that the signs that have been mentioned are going to be the only signs you are going to need for your company. It all depends on your business, the working environment, and the hazards that are unique to you, as well as your legal obligations. Therefore, do not stop at the signs that have been discussed. Make sure you look further and discover whether you need any further forms of safety signage.