Importance of Business Shredding

Importance of Business Shredding

Looking for ways to ensure your employees’ details stay safe? Want to make your work environment safer and neater? Keen to operate in a more eco-friendly way? Paper shredding might be the answer. 

There are several forms of documentation – from bills and medical records to workers’ files and pay cheques – that need to be secured in the workplace. But how can paper shredding help? Here, we’ll explore paper shredding and why you should invest in it as a business.  


You must make sure that your workplace is as safe and secure as possible. Fortunately, shredding can help you here, too.  

According to Edu Care, a provider of care and safeguarding training, the build-up of waste materials including paper is one of the top fire hazards in the workplace. Fires can have a devastating effect and every safeguard must be employed to stop them and protect your workforce and their environment. To help, shredding can eradicate unnecessary paper simply and quickly. There are also shredding services for hire, like Ontime Shred, that can help.

The environment 

Employing green operations is vital for businesses around the world. In the UK, tax relief is available for companies that use energy-efficient technology and there’s a global push for more sustainability – including financial penalties. So, why not try now to bring more environmentally friendly processes into your workplace? 

Shredding allows us to recycle and reuse old bits of paper that are not needed anymore, but would otherwise remain sat on shelves or in filing drawers. If your company chooses to hire a shredding service, you can help lower landfill waste, protect trees and ensure your business is eco-friendly. 

Identity theft 

Possibly the most common and important reason we should shred important documents is to prevent identity theft. According to SACS Consulting & Investigative Services, identity theft is the fastest growing crime in the US and 90% of workplace identity theft includes pay or employment files. 

If you’re concerned about your employees’ documentation, shredding can ensure you get rid of sensitive details and lower the risk of fraud. 

The law

It seems that protecting our personal information has never been more important, considering the rate of identity theft. 

Regulations – such as GDPR in the EU and the Federal Trade Commission Act in the US – serve to penalize organisations that hold personal information but do not protect it. In fact, a company can receive a fine of up to 4% its annual turnover or 20 million!

So, if you want to avoid these consequences as an employer, paper shredding can help you clear employee files that are no longer needed, which may play a big part in reducing the risk of personal data being misused. 


Who wants to work in a messy office? Having a lot of paper lying around on desks, in files and elsewhere can make your business look unprofessional and even hinder staff productivity. 

If you hire a shredding company for your workplace, you can help reduce litter and clutter, thereby making your office look neater and more proficient. 

Shredding seems to be a worthwhile investment if you’re serious about boosting how your company operates and keeping your staff’s personal details safe and secure.