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Why All Businesses Need to Consider Cybersecurity?

Due to the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic, cybercrime is more prevalent than ever. In fact, the FBI has estimated that cybercrime has risen by over 300% since March 2020, with continual increases. As such, it is more important than ever for both individuals and businesses to lean more heavily on cybersecurity. For businesses, it is of particular importance, as losing customer data can make you subject to a ransomware attack. This is when a hacker steals your company’s data, including the data of your customers, and then attempt to ransom back to you for a large amount of money. This often backfires, as cybercriminals will often leak the data anyway even if you are able to buy it back.

To avoid this situation entirely, it is important that your business, no matter the industry and no matter how big it is, invest in cybersecurity solutions. Approaching your digital security with a plan in place is of the utmost important, and it will also help you in a number of ways, which we’ll detail below.

Build customer trust

Businesses need to exist on one thing and one thing alone. And that is customer trust. Most businesses have worked for years to build a trusted brand that is not only used widely, but that is also recognized for being trustworthy. Not taking cybersecurity seriously is a very easy way to lose that trust overnight, especially in light of a ransomware attack or other type of cyberattack. Whether your business is a physical one or is entirely online, losing your customer’s data through a lack of care to your cybersecurity apparatus will force you to find a whole new base of customers, which can be very difficult.

Protect data

Letting your customers know that you have their data protected not only builds trust, but also makes sure that you never have to deal with the problem yourself. This can be done by using a solution like a deal room, which can be accessed safely and securely and can be used to store documents such as financial balance sheets and contracts you are working on with other businesses. Losing information such as credit card numbers, social security numbers, and personal names and addresses can be impossible to recover from, so it is important that you use a secure solution to protect your data. If you are not exactly sure what you are doing here, it may make sense to hire a cybersecurity professional to run an audit on your business to see where you can improve your cybersecurity apparatus beyond what you are currently doing.

Save you the hassle down the road

You don’t actually have to do much to at least hit the basics of cybersecurity. Making small but impactful changes can be done on the cheap, and can also benefit your company down the road. To do this, you can do things like use a VPN to access sensitive web pages such as your bank accounts, and you can also use a password manager to aggregate all of your passwords to your different accounts so that they don’t get hacked. Even just taking these steps and talking to your staff about what they can do to avoid a cyberattack can go a long way when it comes to keeping your business safe and secure online.

In summary

Ultimately, there are many reasons why your business needs to prioritize cybersecurity. From building and maintaining customer trust, to protecting sensitive data through a deal room, to implementing easy-to-use tools such as password managers and VPNs, businesses can do a lot to take their cybersecurity into their own hands. With cybersecurity becoming a bigger and bigger threat, it is more important than ever for businesses to consider their own cybersecurity apparatus and the possible implications of a hack or data breach on their business.

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How SaaS Companies Can Use SEO to Acquire New Users?

In the world of digital business, there are many different methods that companies use to try to get their products and services in front of the right audience. However, not all methods are created equal, and digital companies need to consider the right marketing and distribution channel for them given their industry and business mode. PPC, such as Google and Facebooks ads, are great if you already know exactly who your target customer is. They also make sense if you have a consistent budget for ad spend to invest, and are also aware of an exact ROI you are comfortable with. However, without using a data driven approach, PPC can often feel like throwing money down a well, as you won’t have a sense of what your return should be on your ad spend.

This is why many digital companies, including SaaS companies, are increasingly turning to SEO. SaaS companies often create niche software products that are meant to be adopted by a specific type of user or a specific industry. For example, if a SaaS company makes a CRM, they are most likely going to target a specific industry, such as a CRM for the construction industry. This means that their buyer persona is usually a construction manager or other decision-maker at a construction company.

Using the power of SEO, a SaaS company can directly target this process by creating a SaaS SEO strategy. This strategy will allow a SaaS company to perform niche keyword research based around who their target buyer persona is. This is beyond what an ecommerce company can do, which is usually stuck targeting broader product based keywords which may or may not convert well.

For SaaS companies, the SEO strategy process is a unique opportunity to not only refine their marketing efforts but also to refine their SaaS offering. Within the niche keyword research process, SaaS companies can discover how the market is perceiving their SaaS offering and what they are searching for to find software like theirs or even to solve problems that their SaaS product seeks to solve. More often than not, a keyword gap analysis between a SaaS company and its competitors can reveal how potential users are discovering your competitors, which is more often than not through content rather than highly targeted product-based keywords.

Content keywords are an important part of SEO, particularly for SaaS companies. Within a SaaS SEO strategy, SaaS companies should be prepared to research the problems that their potential users are facing and create detailed guides that discuss these problems. When creating these guides, SaaS companies will be using a SaaS content marketing strategy and also work to rank these guides on Google for target keywords.

After building out this content, SaaS companies then need to invest in link building. Building links is one of the most overlooked parts of SEO, but it can pay off the most. Links, which represents endorsements from outside websites linking to your SaaS website, signal to Google that your website is relevant for the context of the page that is linking out to your website. In doing so, SaaS companies will be able to rank the guides that they have created through their keyword research and content marketing processes, which is how they can ultimately drive traffic to their website.

SaaS companies have a lot to gain from SEO. Given their in-house technical expertise, they are well-suited for the complexities of creating a SaaS SEO strategy and implementing technical changes to their website. Using this process, SaaS companies can also discover new ways that people are discovering their SaaS products and those of their competitors and tweak their software offerings to better reflect what their potential users are looking for.

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The Effects Of A Fast Drive-Thru On Your Bottom Line

Provided by Quikserv a leader in automatic drive thru windows

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What is Brushless DC Pump?

Brushless dc pump is a dc water pump powered by a dc power supply, solar dc power supply, or battery operated. Usually used as a dc booster pump, dc submersible pump, dc solar pump, dc circulation pump to pressurize, transport and circulate liquids. Such as water, oil, acid and alkali liquids, food grade liquids, emulsions, etc. Compares with AC water pumps driven by 120v, 220v, 240v, 380v AC motors, brushless dc pump has characteristics of small size, safety, high efficiency, low noise, portable, etc.

As a low voltage small water pump,Brushless DC pumps are widely used for applications that requires low price, safety, quiet, low power consumption. Such as applications for: home appliance, vehicle, pool, well, pet water fountain, Aquarium, fish tank, dc fountain, water heater, water circulation system, automotive heat management system, etc.

brushless dc Pump

Brushless dc Pump Manufacturer

VOVYO Technology Co., Ltd is a brushless dc pump manufacturer in China which located in Dongguan city. VOVYO specialized in R&D and producing small circulation water pump, automotive electric water pump, food grade water pump, quiet water pump, booster water pump, water heater pump, etc. During the past more than 10 years, VOVYO has developed 9 series pump from VP25 to VP90. All of them are built by a 12v , 24v, 5v, or 6v bldc motor. Mainly used for application like small water circulation system, cat water fountain, irrigation, electric water heaters, water booster system, coffee machine, auto engine cooling, motor controller cooling, automotive heat management system etc.

VOVYO brand dc pumps are popular in the world. We export pumps to global countries such as United States, India, Japan, England, Germany, Australia, Canada, Italy, South Korea, Brazil, France, South Africa, etc.

Advantages of Brushless Pump

Brushless dc pump has many advantages due to it is built by a bldc motor. As we all know, brushless motor is high in efficiency, long in life span, low in noise , easy in control. So, it has many advantages compares with brushed dc water pump or AC water Pump. Here, list some of them as below :

  1. Long life: Car electric water pump with life span more than 20,000 hours. Further more, it can continuously work for 24 hours per day.

2.No leakage: There is no leakage in the electric pump due to the advanced magnetic drive and statically sealed technology used for it.

3.Wide working temperature range: As a electric coolant pump, it can work in the temperature range of -40°C ~ 125°C. The engine preheating and parking heater pump can also work smoothly. Even under extremely harsh environmental conditions.

4.Polarity protection: It can protect the pump from burning due to the wrong connection of the positive and negative electrodes.

5.Energy saving: brushless dc pump has the advantages of energy saving, high efficiency and environmental protection.

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Fume extractor system: what value does it carry?

Fume extractors are mainly designed for industrial purposes. This kind of filtration system brings numerous benefits. The prime function of the fume extractor system is to take out the bad air from the workplace and purify it. Hence, it cleans the air and eliminates all the hazardous particles and chemicals from the air. A major difference in the quality of air can be witnessed with the fume extraction system

Harmful fumes and vapors are the core reasons for health issues in the industrial workplace. Therefore, it is necessary to realize the importance and uses of fume extraction systems.

Welding companies mostly work with laser fume extraction systems in order to pull out dangerous fumes. Welding is likely to release a large amount of fume, which can harm the eyes, throat, nose, or whole body. These fumes can bring both short-term and long-term risks. 

The fume produced from welding holds harmful components like nickel, chromium, zinc, manganese, etc. These components can be hazardous to the workers and the environment. Hence, it is imperative to keep the purity of the atmosphere for the health of the welders. 

Advantages of having a fume extractor system at the workplace

One must prefer installing a fume extraction system within the sector for keeping a healthy atmosphere. It would be advantageous for the employees as well as the company services. Some advantages of using a fume extractor: 

  1. A fume extractor installed in the workplace can encourage the entire staff. The condition and performance of the staff are likely to fall due to the atmosphere of the workplace. With a better atmosphere and filtered air, the staff would perform with more liveliness. The chances of getting long-term illness would be lowered to a great level. 
  2. The use of fume extraction system can assure a healthy working environment. If the workforce is not out of harm’s way, the industry or company would not be able to run for a long period. The fume extractor will pull away all the poisonous air, ensuring the most suitable air quality—this aids in keeping a suitable work atmosphere.
  3. A fume extraction system also lessens the likelihood of compensation. A good and healthy working atmosphere offers fewer absences because of health issues. Hence, installing a fume extraction system in the workplace does not affect workers’ wellbeing. Therefore, the enterprise/company does not have to pay a big compensation.
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Few Facts to Know Before Getting Lab Testing Service

Are you sure about the quality of the product that is being imported? Most probably you don’t know until and unless you get the lab test result. Whether you are importing pharmaceutical products or electronic goods, lab testing report is must. When you are importing any good and they are found to be non-complaint then the whole consignment becomes illegal. You cannot return them and also cannot use them to sell.

In such a situation it is best to get Lab testing service and if you want to know why, read on

Why is laboratory testing important?

There are different products and many of them are regulated by various safety standards. Like, when children goods are imported they must pass the regulations set by CPSIA in USA. So, the lab test report ensures that the products are compliant with the regulations.

It’s true that in many countries lab testing is not mandatory but still it is advised to use it because

  • It ensures that the product is compliant with the standard. With a third-party lab test it is possible to be sure that it is compliant and there will be no issues with customs.
  • Most retailers and even online platforms are also very careful about the standard of the products being delivered to the customers. When you are not able to give such report many online selling platforms may not accept your products.

There are different types of lab test done by third party and depending upon the type of product you are procuring you must get the lab test done.

Can suppliers do lab testing?

Most of the time many importers do not want to bring in any third party lab testing service provider. They may request the supplier to do the lab testing and provide the report. However, this is not a good practice. Most of the time manufacturers may not have the expertise that is required for carrying on the lab test on the products.

Moreover, as a buyer, it is best that you do not rely on your suppliers. It is obvious that they will always try to make you sure that their products are good enough. They may not be so, thus rely on third-party lab testing. They will provide you with a genuine report. Apart from this, they will have experts for carrying on a different lab test and you will get better results.

Your supplier may also suggest that they will provide you with a lab testing report done by their experts. While many importers do that you should avoid doing it. The reasons are simple. They may not get the test done by an accredited laboratory. There are even chances that the lab reports are forged.

Moreover, as you are importing the goods your supplier may not be aware of the regulations that are prevalent in your market. So, when you are paying for the test it is best that you get it done by experts from your end. You will get reports that are genuine and according to the rules and regulations of your country.

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The Misfortune Of The Amarin Company Plc (NASDAQ: AMRN)

Markets may be in chaos but remember about the latest issues at Amarin NASDAQ: AMRN biotechnology. During the past seven trading sessions, the share of buyers suspected of being out of the doors after a collapsed tribunal declines Amarin ‘s appeal over a lost patent court battle against the generic drug producers Hikma Pharmaceuticals and Dr Reddy’s, who are attempting their own copies of Amarin ‘s high Triglyceride medication Vascep to be launched. Vascep’s Since Vascepa is the only commodity of Amarin, the law clearly has been spoken by investors concerned with the huge market demand for the drug.

The market status

We are also of the view that NASDAQ: AMRN at has undervalued the EU market and that generic firms can not produce adequate drugs to satisfy demand in the United States. We do suspect, probably from an EU organisation with a cardiovascular franchise, that AMRN can generate strategic interest.

Markets may be in chaos but remember about the latest issues at Amarin (AMRN) biotechnology. In the last seven days, stocks have been withdrawn by 44% because, following a botched day, buyers are paid at the exit window. The appellate court over a failed patent court action against generic Hikma Pharmazeuticals dismissed the Amarin appellate last week.

Overall Chen’s over weight prices are AMRN (e.g. Buy) even though the adjustment of “downward revenue forecasts” for Vascepa ‘s U.S. revenues resulted in a price cut target. It is cut to between $35 and $15. However, in addition to existing amounts, 268 percent are ample. (Click here to access Chen’s track record)

More is needed from the rest of the lane, too. With the average price target of $11.38, analysts predict a substantial rise of 179% in the next double-month stretch. At present, the stock is based on 6 buys and 4 holdings and has a strong buy consensus ranking.

The current predictions

The 11 biotech experts have decided that NASDAQ: AMRN is close to breakthrough. The organisation plans to lose final by 2020 before making a return of 141 million US dollars in 2021. Therefore, AMRN is expected to split within a few months! What will the rate of growth of AMRN be annual to break this date I have estimated an annual growth rate of average 61% using a best fit axis, which is very ambitious! If the company expands a slower pace, longer than anticipated it will become profitable. In spite of this, AMRN ‘s prospective ventures take into consideration that biotechnologies typically have unpredictable cash flow cycles depending on the point of product growth. You can check more stocks like NYSE: GEO at before investing.

Disclaimer: The analysis information is for reference only and does not constitute an investment recommendation.

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Top 5 Android Wear Apps

9apps is the platform that provides free download of various apps to all the users who use android devices. The app provides the premium quality apps at no cost to the users and users need not to spend even a single penny of money in order to buy these apps. The user interface is too good and the platform is available in 14 languages in order to increase the user friendliness. The various android wear apps on 9apps are mentioned as follows:

  • Hyper Tek HD Watchface Widget and Live Wallpaper: the app provides the watch face widget in order to increase the elegance of the wrist of users. A settings app can also be installed on the phone in order to have configuration. This is not compatible with Samsung smart watches. There are various options for wallpapers and live widgets in order to enhance the looks of the devices. There is also battery status and steps counter in this app. The app does not consume much space and is only of 20.9m.
  • Sparkling Gems Watch Faces: the app has sparkling backgrounds with glitter diamond arrows. They call for dance in the best of the times. The arrows reflect and spread the light all around. There is real quality HD artwork and the app is blessing to people who are art lovers. There are time to time minor updates in order to improve the app. The app is not too heavy and is of 16.3m.
  • Mio Portal: the app is for seeing coupon stage usage of IIJ MIO. It needs to authenticate the information after every 90 days. The application is not an official one but still has a large number of benefits. Developers are responsible if anything happens with this application. The app is a complete package and does not consume much space on the device as it is of only 9.1m.
  • Digital Clock AW7: the app was released in March and is based on exclusive digital font in the watches. It supports both square and round dials along with 12 and 24 hour formats. This also displays the days and months going on. There are several options like of primary colours and to show date or not. The app does not consume much data in order to download it and is of only 2.9m.
  • QR Code Watch: this app was launched in December and has a unique simple and beautiful design. One needs to scan the QR code in order to come to know about the date and time. One can even set the front and background colours of the watch using an app that supports the android devices. This app is a complete package and can be considered one of the best apps in this sector. The app is not heavy and is of only 3.4m.

All these amazing apps are available on and one can download from there in Apkformats so that the space on the device is saved and the downloading speeds are increased.