Recycle More Than Just Soda Cans and Newspapers

metal recycling

Recycling is very big in today’s eco-friendly world of ours, but did you know that you can recycle far more than just your soda cans and your milk jugs? There are now recycling centres that specialise in all types of metal, which means you can bring them an old computer or even a car that is no longer running, and they will remove the parts that can be recycled and make other items out of them. This is a fairly untapped market that is becoming more popular all the time.

All Types of Metal Are Accepted

The companies that offer scrap metal recycling in Weston-Super-Mare accept metals such as:

  • Aluminium
  • Copper
  • Brass
  • Iron
  • Steel

From motherboards to old fenders and everything in between, these recycling experts can take old metal items that you no longer want or need so that they won’t go into the landfills. Better still, they often recycle the pieces into a brand-new item that they then sell at a discount price.

Make Extra Money the Easy Way

Of course, one of the biggest advantages to bringing these companies your old metals is that they will pay great prices for each piece you bring them. In fact, many people are surprised at the amount of money they receive from doing this, so it is truly a great way to make some extra money any time you need it. They’ll even pay you for metal items that aren’t in the best shape, because most often they are planning to recycle it anyway.