5 Major Tips To Consider While Writing A Business Blog

A business blog is the ultimate way to promote your business and reach your target audience in a flash. It not just bridges the gap between the customer and a brand but also strengthens your position in the industry.

However, business blogging is not all about rainbows and butterflies as there are lots of pitfalls along the way, especially if you are a newbie. But fret not as we’ve got you covered by listing 5 major aspects to keep in mind while writing a business blog.

Take a look!!

  1. Identify the target audience 

First thing first!! The foremost thing that should be taken into account before starting the business blogging is to identify the audience to whom you wish to target. Undoubtedly, the right audience is the key to a successful business, therefore, do your homework right and initiate the blogging process with the must-to-do thing.

One thing to always keep in mind is that only the right audience can be converted into a potential customer and, therefore, it should be chosen mindfully.

  1. Plan your content

Those days are long gone when you can sell everything in the name of promotion as now is the time when you need to plan things carefully. Lack of ideas and planning always leads to the downfall of the business instead of promoting it. Therefore, plan your content according to the target audience and start writing a business blog accordingly.

Commence the business blogging with a mindful of ideas to keep it running for weeks or months hassle-free. Find the right keywords and target them to drive traffic to your site.

  1. Never overlooks the frequency

Business blogging is not a one-time thing rather it requires appropriate investment of both time and effort on a regular basis. Always aim for a frequency that you can maintain and set your target accordingly. Fortnight or weekly is fine to go for.

Never break your consistency as things will not work out if you start writing a business blog and then abandons it halfway.

  1. Write for your customers

Look, whatever blog or article you are writing and posting on your business website is not for you. It is mainly written for the customers to whom you are targeting and to whom you want to sell your products and services. Therefore, always write by keeping their perspective in mind.

Invest in excellent writers who can imagine things from readers’ perceptions and write accordingly.

  1. Blogging Style 

Last but not least, is the blogging style. See, blogs are meant to be informal, therefore, try to write in such a way that it represents the human face of your business. Create content that mainly interacts with the audience and builds your readership.

The Bottom Line

If done right, blogging can drive the maximum traffic, multiplies sales by manifolds, and helps you in reaching new markets. Follow the above-mentioned tips while writing a business blog if you genuinely want to establish yourself as the leading name in the industry.


Everything You Need to Know about Mobile Marketing for Your Business

In today’s society, people are constantly scrolling through their phones, looking for the next thing to give some attention to and spend money on. We truly do live in a capitalist world, and it’s important to cater to that as a business owner. When you run a business, it’s your job to keep up with the current trends and ways to get your business seen by your audience and other relevant consumers. Today, the best way to do that is through mobile marketing, and there are many things you should know about this subject.

What Is Mobile Marketing?

Everybody knows what marketing is, since marketing in general has been around for as long as anybody can remember. Billboards, newspapers, radio spots, television commercials, blimps, and many more methods of advertising have been around for a long time, and those are all forms of marketing. Of course, things are a lot different today. People are often too engrossed by their phones or other mobile devices to pay attention to the forms of advertising that businesses used to use; today, mobile marketing is the most relevant way to make sure that your business is seen, heard, and kept in the minds of consumers.

Mobile marketing focuses on more than just cell phones, however, as there are many other mobile devices being used today. Mobile marketing might also focus on devices such as tablets, smart watches, small laptops, and others. This form of marketing uses platforms such as social media, websites, email, SMS, MMS, and phone apps to make the message of a business seen and heard.

Hiring a Mobile Marketing Provider

As with other forms of marketing, mobile marketing is best left to the experts, since they are the people that understand what customers want to see as well as the best methods of how to stay in the minds of the people that matter: the consumers. Finding the top mobile marketing provider in Malaysia is your best bet to help you run a successful business that keeps up with the trends of today. Overall, there are many reasons why you should hire a mobile marketing provider for your business.

Mobile marketing providers know everything there is to know about technology and mobile devices, which means that they probably know how to manoeuvre and manipulate these platforms more than you do. If you don’t know what you’re doing on various mobile platforms, your message can often get lost and never be communicated properly to your audience. A professional mobile marketing provider will know which platforms will benefit your business most, as not every platform is suitable for every business. It’s important that you hire an experienced and reliable mobile marketing provider to ensure that your business gets the attention it deserves.


5 Great Benefits Of Advertising On Facebook

Historically, when we considered advertising, we thought about the radio and the television, but things have moved on since then. People now want to be constantly on social media sites and if you want to appeal to your current and new customers, then you need to get modern and advertise on such popular sites as Facebook. Millions of prospective customers are online on Facebook, twenty four hours a day, seven days a week, and all year round and if you want to appeal to them, then you need to be advertising on there. There are many great reasons to be advertising on Facebook and we will talk about some of them here.

  1. Everybody’s Using It – The vast majority of people on the internet are on Facebook, and that’s a fact. They just don’t have a look once or twice, but numerous times, and they check it throughout the day, and it isn’t just young people using it. All demographics are covered and sixty five percent of over sixty fives, are using it too. If you want to get right to the customer, then you need to look at Facebook marketing in Sydney, to reach them immediately and to reach them regularly.
  1. Target Your Audience – Facebook advertising means that you can directly target your market audience. You can reach people and categorise by age, what they are interested in, and where they live. It is also very affordable and much cheaper than you think it is. For example, if you spend only ten Australian dollars, you can reach up to two thousand people at once, and I don’t know any other media that allows you to reach so many, for so little.
  1. Great For Branding – If you want to make potential customers a lot more aware of your brand, then Facebook is the right place to put your ads. People will familiarise themselves with your brand because they will see it every day, and when it comes to them buying something, then they will have had your brand already implanted in their brains. When you do decide to advertise on Facebook, you can actually see your advertising working. You will be able to see if people like your ads, if they have actually clicked on it to find out more, and if you are receiving any conversions.
  1. Save Money – Because of the amount of people you will reach on Facebook, there is no need to be advertised anywhere else. The money you will save from not advertising on television or in newspapers will be significant, and you can use this additional money to drive more people to your advertisements on Facebook. What’s more, Facebook gives you quick results, because the moment your ad is posted, thousands of people see it straight away.
  1. Go Viral – If you create an advertisement that people really like, due to it being funny or it tugs on the heart strings, then it may go viral. If people enjoy your ad and really relate to it, they will share it, so their friends see it and they in turn will share it again and again. This gets you referrals, and referrals will significantly increase your brand and sales.

Advertising on Facebook is probably the best decision you can make, and the list above, is only a few of the many advantages there are. Find out what investing on Facebook advertising can do for you and your business, today.


Know Your Consumer, Business and Competition with Marketing Research

The importance of market research is really indisputable in the present day where competition prevails. It is important for every business enterprise to know the factors that affect their business. This research is essentially an analysis of the data gathered through various methods. A good research helps to assess the behavioral pattern of the consumers. Market research is quite useful in expanding business in many ways. Through a methodical collection of data, companies can analyze various aspects and improve their products consequently.

Different strategies are implemented by the companies to upgrade their products and services. Experts such as George Bardwil say that failure to do market research before starting the business is like driving a car without a map or street signs. A well planned market research plan indicates where and who are the customers. It will also tell when they are most probably and eagerly purchase the goods or use the services.

Marketing research can be of two types:

  • Primary Research: Telephone or face to face interviews, online or email surveys and questionnaires etc. are some of the ways by which primary research can be done. It analyzes the present sales and the efficiency of present practices.
  • Secondary Research: It analyzes the data that has been published previously. This helps to recognize contestants, create benchmarks and recognize target segments.

No business can prosper without knowing its consumers, its services and produces, and the marketplace. Competition is often ferocious, and functioning without implementing research may give the contestants a gain over you. As stated by the professional market research analysts such as George Bardwil market research can help you to recognize your target consumer, find out what they think about your ideas, products or brand and gather understandings to help you target the right market. If the business owners do not implement market research they may leave wondering:

  • Why the particular product flopped?
  • Why the customers are not interested to know or purchase the product?
  • Why there has been no profit in the business?

It is all because market research has not been carried out. The business owners have not bothered to take the time to find out what are their clients’ biggest issues; what they want; or what changes they want to be implemented in the product or service.

Experts such as George Bardwil say that in the recent time, there has been a substantial increase in the need for market research as it allows companies to formulate policies that prove to be beneficial. Companies can easily assess their present performance and introduce changes for effective sales and increased profits. Research also enables to find the current competitors and their business strategies. The strategies that are adopted by the competitors can also be analyzed with the help of these researches. It is vital in decreasing undesirable losses as it targets potential markets by analyzing the exact demand of the consumers.

Thus, it can be concluded by stating that market research can help to know about the consumers, business and competition.


7 Top Marketing Tips On A Budget

By using my 7 Top Marketing Tips on a Budget, you will be well on your way to boosting traffic to your website (each thing you do will create a back-link to a page on your site), creating a “brand” online (getting your name and business name recognised), being seen as an Expert in your area of expertise (by providing great information ALL over the internet) – sound good? Great! Let’s get started!

Have you been worrying about how to market your website or your business? Are you overwhelmed with so much information online, and so much advice from well-meaning friends and business associates? It can be very daunting when you’re not sure what to do next, or what to do first, so let me recommend a simple way to get started.

  1. GO TO
  • http://
  • Sign up for a Gmail name in your business name
  • Example:[email protected]
  1. LOGIN at:
  • http://
  • in the top Menu bar, select the + symbol in the far left
  • create a Google + (“Google Plus”) Account for your business
  1. GO TO:
  • if you don’t have a PERSONAL PROFILE, create one
  • then ADD A BUSINESS PAGE to your Personal Profile
  • no-one will be able to connect the two, so you can maintain/keep your privacy on your Personal Profile.
  1. GO TO:
  • create a business Channel
  • you will be able to upload your business videos (and add Video SEO to bring traffic back to your website).
  1. CREATE A DOCUMENT of tips or information (like this one)
  • you can share this with anyone who’d be interested in you, your products and services
  • save it as a PDF
  1. POST your new PDF:
  • to your Google + (“Google Plus”) account
  • to your Facebook Business Page
  • on http://
  1. CREATE a slideshow from your document (a Presentation)
  • save it in movie format
  • upload it to your account

You might think this is all too simple, but you really need to start somewhere and these simple steps are a great way to begin.

One more tip – remember to keep track of all results from everything you try, so you can work out which one works best – then repeat it to keep getting great results!

Follow these 7 Top Marketing Tips on a Budget to help your website & business!

By taking these simple 7 steps, you are well on the way to creating your own BRAND or PROFILE on the internet.

CONGRATULATIONS! Like these tips? Sign up for more at & send me a message or voicemail!

Learn more with my Online Video Training / DVD Training / Branding & Marketing Strategies & Tips. These “7 Top Marketing Tips on a Budget” are also available as a PDF.

If you like Teena Hughes’ tips and techniques and would like to learn more, you might enjoy the video series, “The 7 Fastest Ways To Start Marketing Yourself Online” and it won’t cost you a cent.


Why You are Not Better Than Your Competitors

Before I start, I just want to let you know that this article is my own personal view about this particular question.

It’s a common sight: marketing materials that tell you how much better one company is than another.

Is it right to do that?


In my mind, your marketing should always be about your customers.

That means no grand statements about how great you are, how big your premises are or how you’re the ‘best in your field’ (unless you have some concrete evidence to back up such a claim).

Everything you write must be about your customers, how you can benefit them and how their lives will be so much better if they buy from you.

I’m better than you

It’s very tempting to write something that tells your customers how crap your competition are in comparison to you.

You could shout from the rooftops about how you’re cheaper (although they could lower their prices and blow that argument out of the water), that you give better customer service than they do etc., etc.

But is that really the right way to be going?

Is that the best way to sell yourself to potential new customers?

Are you hiding something?

To my mind, when I see a company taking this path within their marketing I immediately think they’re hiding something.

If they’re so much better than their competitors, why do they need to slag them off like that?

Surely, your marketing will have more effect if it concentrates on how you can benefit your customers rather than telling them how bad your competition are?

After all, if the only angle you come up with is to denigrate your opposition what does that tell people about you?

· That you don’t have enough confidence in your own company?

· That you don’t really have anything to shout about?

Does it portray you as the type of company they’d want to do business with?

My advice to clients has always been to never, ever slag off a competitor in their marketing and to always concentrate on the benefits of their own products or services.

But the big boys are at it

That is my view and I’m going to stand by it, but I was amazed to see two ads in the ‘I’ newspaper a few days ago.

Both ads were from 3 (the mobile network) and fly in the face of everything I believe in. Rather than telling the reader about a particular benefit you get from being on their network, they opted to highlight the charging policies of EE and O2.

So what does this mean? Is it OK to shout about the shortcomings of your competition to highlight how great you are?

To my mind, this is still a lazy way of marketing yourself. It doesn’t show any imagination, or belief in 3’s own service – surely, if their solutions are that amazing they should be able to advertise them in a way that makes them stand out rather than relying on a cheap tactic like this?

What are your thoughts?

OK, I’ve had my say, now it’s your turn.

What are your thoughts about this type of marketing?

Do you think it’s acceptable to slag off your competition to highlight the benefits of your service or products?


A Change on “Marketing” in Viewpoint

Whenever you create folks feel just like garbage, you might persuade them to look at your stage-of-watch (POV) briefly. Purchase your item, once. Join your program.

However, you understand not empty well it’s not likely to last.

Whenever your POV isn’t in positioning using their ideals or values, your proposed strategy isn’t likely to resonate or deliver significant or lasting outcomes for them.

The majority of us have purchased applications or items since some revenue backup created us feel responsible, insufficient or “incorrect” and offered the impact to us that people have to purchase that whichever cantaloupe gadget to repair even or the issue ourselves.

However more regularly than not we allow the plan/instruction/ gadget that is cantaloupe maynot provide ourselves to apply, not to mention get benefits and take a seat on our drive.

It isn’t that techniques and the methods aren’t silence. It is less unlikely that since worldview and the strategy will vary from our very own, and also the imbalance does not encourage us produce significant outcomes and to do this.

It is the problem of nobody. The truth that I am not the same as you does not make me or you wrong.

It requires lots of consciousness to not become genuinely exclusive and open minded. Not openminded based on what “openminded” people sound and must appear like.

It generally does not imply so you do not upset anyone you have to become simple vanilla.

The very first thing I inform my customers would be to possess a POV. If they’re unwilling to step-up and place a risk within the floor, they’re dismissed.

Among my personal favorite workouts to obtain customers to attract the line-in the mud to allow them to nail their own placement would be to request – what might I-say or do, easily were to upset ABC (who’re probably “regulators” that maintain some “holierthanthou” views.)

We have to recognize our special POV is simply one viewpoint whilst having a POV.

We do whatis ACCURATE for ourselves, and we additionally permit others to complete whatis correct for them.

They truly are your folks in case your POV resonates having a neighborhood. Since youare YOU they’ll certainly be normally attracted to you.

Itis unfair for others to create you comply with their POV, and it’s really unfair possibly to become “holierthanthou” and create others feel negative once they do not reveal your views – even although youare a specialist inside your area.

Feel just like garbage, or we-don’t need to create others incorrect, to be able to persuade them they have to purchase our material to create themselves “right.”

Strong arming people into purchasing services or your products by producing them experience evaluated, criticized may backfire.

If you are obvious about morals, YOUR ideals and beliefs, and talk them congruently, people who reveal exactly the same views is likely to be attracted to you.

They are able to utilize your services and products within the best approach possible whenever your customers reveal your POV. They and you get outcomes and faithful customers who distribute the term for you personally, respectively. Win win.

Create from the host to empathy. Ask discussion.

Being a specialist or a thought-leader does not imply you have to speak your concept in a ” even the freeway or my method ” method, placing oneself about the stand.

Even the anxiety about being criticized or worries of not being adequate, and/ push people to become defensive and set up from making resonance with this market a wall that stops us.

In the place of persuading those individuals who have another worldview they require your material by utilizing techniques that are not in positioning ALONG WITH YOU (which is really a large amount of function anyhow,) why don’t you talk to the inkling of these who gives your Reality… Allow them realize that you are there for them. Tell them that you simply reveal their POV. Allow them realize that they may be effective with what is correct for them by sticking.

When you are able quit producing others incorrect for lacking exactly the same POV while you do, in addition you create the consciousness that will assist you feel critical and particular (and “resistant”) to all of the classes, applications, resources and assets that guarantee to resolve all of your “discomfort and sufferings.”

You create the consciousness that otheris “success method” aren’t “complete.” They might false for you personally. What work with the designers – talents, character and their own conditions – might not meet your needs.

If you do not follow the things they claim you must do you are not incorrect. You aren’t inexperienced if you’renot obtaining outcomes “as advertised.”

You create the assurance that’ll give you support to obtain the effective and the most suitable phrase for superpowers, encounters and your skills – a manifestation that many resonates along with your neighborhood – and obtain the advertising hamster-wheel off permanently.

Ling Wong:: Spontaneous Brainiac|Copywriting Alchemist. Through her distinctive mixture of Company + Advertising training/consulting having an Attitude + Psychic Perspective, she assists the maverick-preneurs discover, state & change their WHY into information that links, resonates and changes – by means of an intuitive however demanding iterative procedure created out-of her Harvard Design College instruction and ten years expertise within the internet marketing business.


Which Sales Skills Differentiate Your Team At Any Time?

The sales skills that truly make the difference to your competitors are not so numerous as this, and generally they are not properly identified. We will not hide it, it is very difficult to discard the ideas that circulate on the sale for decades. But more and more data show another face of sales and skills that allow representatives to differentiate themselves. One of the best examples of this gradual shift has been the attractiveness of consultative selling in recent years.

The gap between the common perception of what a good representative is and the reality creates significant skills gaps because sales leaders do not work to develop the right skills. Moreover, it is very easy to say that sellers need training on the conclusion of sales when the conclusions ratios are low. This solution has been presented as the right thing to do for a long time … too long even. Because we do not know what we do not know, it is difficult to think that it is possible to work differently to really solve the problem of closing sales.

That is why I share today the infographics that show the sales skills that allow teams and representatives to differentiate themselves from the competition, to be performing and to reach the next level .

The acquisition of new customers is costly and requires a lot of time and effort, so the sales organizations that perform best are distinguished by their ability to achieve the full value of each existing customer.

This uses the skills of a “farmer” vendor, which includes:

  • The ability to reach all decision-makers in the various business departments
  • Do not accept objections or postponements of decisions
  • Attempting to close sales at first opportunity
  • Effectively manage price issues without compromising

Unsurprisingly, advisory sales skills are on the list. While today everyone is able to access an unprecedented volume of information in a few clicks, the representatives can no longer make a difference because of their technical knowledge of what they offer.

For potential customers and clients, the value of a sales representative is in what they can bring to clarify their vision, their approach to the problem and help them make the best decision for the company . Computer graphics show that there is room for improvement, as only 64% of buyers believe that representatives are able to bring these new ideas and perspectives.

Essential skills for advisory sales include:

  • The ability to ask a lot of relevant questions and difficult questions
  • The identification of the unavoidable reasons to buy
  • The comprehensive understanding of the decision-making and purchase

Here we talk about the skills that enable sales organizations to help prospects exit the status quo or become aware of the strategic opportunities that are within their reach. If representatives stop when prospective customers say “I do not need this product or service,” they lack the skills to help clients perceive strategic opportunities.

Often, the status quo is the most difficult competitor to eliminate , but many representatives and managers are not aware of it. No effort is therefore made to develop this critical skill for sales performance.

It is estimated that if all representatives were able to supply their pipeline with sufficient sales opportunities, 50% of the sales problems of the company would be resolved . It is not about being in the magical thinking here, but rather about putting the finger on the problem at the root of other challenges such as low closing ratios, excessive length of sales cycles , and so on.

In the reality of many sales forces, at certain times of the year, efforts are put on closing sales and then on filling the pipeline to others. The whole is organized according to cycles more or less long during which, the representatives dedicate the majority of their efforts to a stage of the process of sale. The problem is that with these cyclical activities, sales also become cyclical instead of constant . Do not see sales cycles as the breeding cycles of many animals that are based on the seasons!