7 Top Marketing Tips On A Budget


By using my 7 Top Marketing Tips on a Budget, you will be well on your way to boosting traffic to your website (each thing you do will create a back-link to a page on your site), creating a “brand” online (getting your name and business name recognised), being seen as an Expert in your area of expertise (by providing great information ALL over the internet) – sound good? Great! Let’s get started!

Have you been worrying about how to market your website or your business? Are you overwhelmed with so much information online, and so much advice from well-meaning friends and business associates? It can be very daunting when you’re not sure what to do next, or what to do first, so let me recommend a simple way to get started.

  1. GO TO
  • http:// gmail.com
  • Sign up for a Gmail name in your business name
  • Example: [email protected]
  1. LOGIN at:
  • http:// gmail.com
  • in the top Menu bar, select the + symbol in the far left
  • create a Google + (“Google Plus”) Account for your business
  1. GO TO:
  • http://facebook.com
  • if you don’t have a PERSONAL PROFILE, create one
  • then ADD A BUSINESS PAGE to your Personal Profile
  • no-one will be able to connect the two, so you can maintain/keep your privacy on your Personal Profile.
  1. GO TO:
  • http://YouTube.com
  • create a business Channel
  • you will be able to upload your business videos (and add Video SEO to bring traffic back to your website).
  1. CREATE A DOCUMENT of tips or information (like this one)
  • you can share this with anyone who’d be interested in you, your products and services
  • save it as a PDF
  1. POST your new PDF:
  • to your Google + (“Google Plus”) account
  • to your Facebook Business Page
  • on http:// scribd.com
  1. CREATE a slideshow from your document (a Presentation)
  • save it in movie format
  • upload it to your YouTube.com account

You might think this is all too simple, but you really need to start somewhere and these simple steps are a great way to begin.

One more tip – remember to keep track of all results from everything you try, so you can work out which one works best – then repeat it to keep getting great results!

Follow these 7 Top Marketing Tips on a Budget to help your website & business!

By taking these simple 7 steps, you are well on the way to creating your own BRAND or PROFILE on the internet.

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