5 Great Benefits Of Advertising On Facebook

Advertising On Facebook

Historically, when we considered advertising, we thought about the radio and the television, but things have moved on since then. People now want to be constantly on social media sites and if you want to appeal to your current and new customers, then you need to get modern and advertise on such popular sites as Facebook. Millions of prospective customers are online on Facebook, twenty four hours a day, seven days a week, and all year round and if you want to appeal to them, then you need to be advertising on there. There are many great reasons to be advertising on Facebook and we will talk about some of them here.

  1. Everybody’s Using It – The vast majority of people on the internet are on Facebook, and that’s a fact. They just don’t have a look once or twice, but numerous times, and they check it throughout the day, and it isn’t just young people using it. All demographics are covered and sixty five percent of over sixty fives, are using it too. If you want to get right to the customer, then you need to look at Facebook marketing in Sydney, to reach them immediately and to reach them regularly.
  1. Target Your Audience – Facebook advertising means that you can directly target your market audience. You can reach people and categorise by age, what they are interested in, and where they live. It is also very affordable and much cheaper than you think it is. For example, if you spend only ten Australian dollars, you can reach up to two thousand people at once, and I don’t know any other media that allows you to reach so many, for so little.
  1. Great For Branding – If you want to make potential customers a lot more aware of your brand, then Facebook is the right place to put your ads. People will familiarise themselves with your brand because they will see it every day, and when it comes to them buying something, then they will have had your brand already implanted in their brains. When you do decide to advertise on Facebook, you can actually see your advertising working. You will be able to see if people like your ads, if they have actually clicked on it to find out more, and if you are receiving any conversions.
  1. Save Money – Because of the amount of people you will reach on Facebook, there is no need to be advertised anywhere else. The money you will save from not advertising on television or in newspapers will be significant, and you can use this additional money to drive more people to your advertisements on Facebook. What’s more, Facebook gives you quick results, because the moment your ad is posted, thousands of people see it straight away.
  1. Go Viral – If you create an advertisement that people really like, due to it being funny or it tugs on the heart strings, then it may go viral. If people enjoy your ad and really relate to it, they will share it, so their friends see it and they in turn will share it again and again. This gets you referrals, and referrals will significantly increase your brand and sales.

Advertising on Facebook is probably the best decision you can make, and the list above, is only a few of the many advantages there are. Find out what investing on Facebook advertising can do for you and your business, today.