Know Your Consumer, Business and Competition with Marketing Research


The importance of market research is really indisputable in the present day where competition prevails. It is important for every business enterprise to know the factors that affect their business. This research is essentially an analysis of the data gathered through various methods. A good research helps to assess the behavioral pattern of the consumers. Market research is quite useful in expanding business in many ways. Through a methodical collection of data, companies can analyze various aspects and improve their products consequently.

Different strategies are implemented by the companies to upgrade their products and services. Experts such as George Bardwil say that failure to do market research before starting the business is like driving a car without a map or street signs. A well planned market research plan indicates where and who are the customers. It will also tell when they are most probably and eagerly purchase the goods or use the services.

Marketing research can be of two types:

  • Primary Research: Telephone or face to face interviews, online or email surveys and questionnaires etc. are some of the ways by which primary research can be done. It analyzes the present sales and the efficiency of present practices.
  • Secondary Research: It analyzes the data that has been published previously. This helps to recognize contestants, create benchmarks and recognize target segments.

No business can prosper without knowing its consumers, its services and produces, and the marketplace. Competition is often ferocious, and functioning without implementing research may give the contestants a gain over you. As stated by the professional market research analysts such as George Bardwil market research can help you to recognize your target consumer, find out what they think about your ideas, products or brand and gather understandings to help you target the right market. If the business owners do not implement market research they may leave wondering:

  • Why the particular product flopped?
  • Why the customers are not interested to know or purchase the product?
  • Why there has been no profit in the business?

It is all because market research has not been carried out. The business owners have not bothered to take the time to find out what are their clients’ biggest issues; what they want; or what changes they want to be implemented in the product or service.

Experts such as George Bardwil say that in the recent time, there has been a substantial increase in the need for market research as it allows companies to formulate policies that prove to be beneficial. Companies can easily assess their present performance and introduce changes for effective sales and increased profits. Research also enables to find the current competitors and their business strategies. The strategies that are adopted by the competitors can also be analyzed with the help of these researches. It is vital in decreasing undesirable losses as it targets potential markets by analyzing the exact demand of the consumers.

Thus, it can be concluded by stating that market research can help to know about the consumers, business and competition.