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With the stock share market, every investor could find a collection of exchanges as well as markets. These investors put their salaries, no matter how much they can, into the stock market to bring more profits for themselves. Investors invest their money in many companies and get involved in selling and buying several stocks regularly. These trading companies are publicly held. The NASDAQ: AAPL at is a very famous stock trading company that you can invest in for your financial profits. You can get daily quotes from this stock company online.

About AAPL Company

Most investors want to invest in this company as their popularity is always on the news because of its high-end products. The Apple Company or AAPL deals with the manufacture, sale, and the design of smartphones, tablets, personal computers, accessories, and wearables. This company also engages in different other types of services related to such technologies. This company is spread throughout many countries, letting the business grow.

Some of the services and products that are included in this business of the company are Mac, iPhone, AirPods, Apple TV, Beats products, Apple Watch, iPhone, iCloud, Apple Care, licensing, and streaming services. There are also many operating systems that this company offers to its wide range of global customers. Steven Paul Jobs found this company along with Stephen G, Wozniak, and Ronald Gerald Wayne in 1976 on April 1st. The headquarters of this company is situated in Cupertino.


The recent stock updates of the NASDAQ: AAPL has been on the news because of its high profits. The recent closing has made higher profits than the closing shares that was last year. The closing was about 460.55, almost 2.12 or 0.46% more than the previous closing data. This stock trading exchange market had a shares range between 455.86 and 464.35 per day. Also, the same range in the 52nd week is around 201.00 and 464.35.

There has been only a hike in this stock exchange market that has attracted many investors. According to the recent chart, the volume of the shares was 28,025,209, and the average volume was around 36,667,309. This trading company’s market cap is nearby 1.96T, and the earnings per share were recorded around 13.19. The forward yield and dividend have also been quite impressive, considering the pandemic situation we are in. You can do stock trading via the best stock trading app for beginners.

Disclaimer: The analysis information is for reference only and does not constitute an investment recommendation.