Three Reasons to Consider a Lifelong Learning Program

To some people, education stops as soon as you are done with all of your mandatory schooling. For these people, schooling is often seen as a tedious chore. However, to other people, learning more about the world around you is something that everyone needs to do. To these people, schooling doesn’t ever really stop, as there is always an opportunity or a reason to continue going to school. More often than not, these people will consider going for a lifelong learning program. There are many reasons why it can benefit you in the long run to join one of these programs, especially if you enjoy learning more about everything around you.

  1. It Opens New Opportunities

It should go without saying that when you only have a certain level of education, there are simply things that you cannot do. Someone who has never been through rigorous studying in college is not going to be able to practice law. This is simply the way that life is. However, when you choose to consider enrolling in lifelong learning programs, you open up the doors of opportunity. With new education and new skills, you will have the assets needed to apply for positions you would have never been able to obtain otherwise. If you want to be able to advance your career, then deciding to enroll in a learning program is going to be one of the best choices that you can ever make for yourself.

  1. It Teaches You in New Ways

Not only do these programs allow you to learn more than what most schools will ever teach you, but these programs also utilize the newest research out there to really help people learn. No matter if the subject isn’t your forte or if you are worried about your grades, with the cutting edge research that is backing these learning programs, there is a very good chance that you will be able to learn something new. After all, the people who run these lifelong learning programs will organize and administer the applied research projects to help people think about what they can do to combat the biggest challenges their industry of choice faces. In a way, it paves the road for future generations to learn more now, and that is one of the best things about these programs.

  1. It Provides Experience You Can’t Get Anywhere Else

With all of this being said, you can expect that these learning programs are focused on helping people achieve the most in life. To help you receive an education unlike any other, the methods of teaching that these programs use are often unique as well. From having a nontraditional, yet practical, teaching style to focusing on how people can combat the problems that industries face today, these learning programs will ensure that by the time you leave, you will be more capable than ever before. If you want to improve your life, improve what you are capable of, and improve what heights you can reach, you will absolutely want to see what a learning program has to offer. There’s a very good chance that you will not regret enrolling in such a program either.


We knew it all along why high achievers always have a mentor

You might ask “Why is this important in the first place? After all, I’m a high achiever myself.”

The answer is straightforward: Surrounding yourself with high achievers means an improved chance of success.

One thing successful people have in common is the fact that they have mentors. They surround themselves with people who have achieved what they seek to accomplish.

Your mentors have gone through everything that you would go through in your hustle to achieve your goal.

This means they have all the knowledge that would be necessary for you to achieve your goal. For you to become a high achiever, you must surround yourself with high achievers and be willing to be mentored. The sooner you start, the better of a head start you get.

I always wondered why once you learn how to read in elementary schools, no one teaches you how to speed read? After all, you will, for the most part, spend the rest of your life, reading books. Also, no one is being taught in schools today how to improve their memory.

It begs the question, won’t speed reading and memory techniques be useful tools that would serve as a short cut the process of learning and reading.

If so, why aren’t they taught in schools? Maybe, because when students learn these tools, the educational process would be sped up and cut short. Thus, making schooling lose billions of dollars. However, this is an issue to be discussed in another article.

How does this relate to high achievers?

Yeah, I’m getting to that. What if I told you that there is one activity you can embark upon that as a shortcut tool to get whatever you want. This activity would help improve your mental focus and strength, physical strength, your level of awareness, energy, and concentration.

What if I told you that this activity would make you a better team player, more empathetic, would teach you leadership skills while making you more reliable, dependable, determined and disciplined?

What if that activity instills a NEVER EVER GIVE UP attitude in you? Wouldn’t such an activity be the tool you need to handle and shortcut everything in life?

Well, luckily for you, such activity exists. In fact, it has been figured out centuries ago and has been passed from generation to generation through a selected circle of people.

Over the centuries, this activity has been tested with blood, sweat, and tears and has proven itself on the battlefield. Let me tell you what this activity is and where it can be found. This activity is the Martial Art indigenous to Japan, known as Karate.

The educational secrets of Karate provide you with the shortcut needed to become a high achiever.

My name is Sensei Marcus Hinschberger. My wife Christina Hinschberger and I own Tokon Martial Arts. We have over the years, taught thousands of students all over the world how to have that high achiever mindset. This has made some consider us an authority when it comes to the business of self-development for children and adults. We have taught literally thousands of students around the world how to build a “high achiever” mindset.

By teaching students how to increase their focus and grit, they learn how to persevere, set goals, and accomplish them.

More importantly, in Tokon Martial Arts, we create a high achiever atmosphere that will inspire the students to stay on track and keep improving.

If you reach black belt level at Tokon Martial Arts, you will have achieved what most people will never achieve in their lives. You will graduate with a different outlook on life and a high achiever attitude that will be very valuable for your life and career.

If you want a “nothing is too difficult” attitude, come and visit us at Tokon Martial Arts Sacramento CA.

The time is right to make this life-changing decision now!

Procrastination is a loser’s game!


Tailor your CV to stand out from the crowd

When applying for a job or going to an interview to work in the City of London, it is highly unlikely you will go to the meeting wearing sports gear and shoes! Most likely, you will be wearing a tailored suit, make sure all the finer details are up to scratch (eg: clean cut shave, hairstyle, clean nails and so on) and head to the interview full of confidence in your capabilities to be employed.

Each Job CV is unique

The same philosophy that is applied when going to an interview should be applied when creating your CV. When you have applied to numerous job positions and go to a number of job interviewers hoping to be the lucky chosen one, you will not say the exact same words or speech as you have done previously since every job position is different and a recruiter can ask a variety of questions which are completely unrelated. This is why, when choosing a CV Builder, it is vital to make sure that you can easily modify your CV should you need to, in order to comply with all feedback you may receive and make your CV as clear and concise as it can be.

Relying on a generic CV version, a one size fits all CV is a common mistake made by numerous students when applying to jobs for the first time. Like a cover letter, the CV must be personalised to meet the requirements of the jobs, for instance, some may focus more on the work experience you have to date whilst other position may be more interested in your academic background and accomplishments. It is is up to the candidate to acknowledge this and make sure they are continuously making sure their CV is up to scratch with industry standards.

Recruiter’s Perspective

To make sure the point is crystal clear, a student must keep in mind a recruiter’s timeframe to make a decision of your CV is extremely limited, most likely seconds as they are under continuous pressure and contained by time to make decisions. A recruiter’s first objective is the information provided matches roughly with the job position description, which will allow him to fast track you on to the next step. This is why it is crucial to make sure an appropriate CV creator is used when making your CV as it will solve your problems and unlock hidden doors!


Common Services Provided by Electrical Contractors

Electrical work around the house should always be done by an experienced professional. It is of vital importance that you avoid tampering with the electrical wiring in your house, and only let a professional deal with the job. If the electrical supply within your house is affected due to any reason, you should call a professional. Here are just some of the many different problems that may arise in your house:

  • Electrical fluctuations
  • Sockets stop working
  • Switchboard needs replacement

If you want any kind of electrical work done around the place, you should look for a company that provides qualified domestic electrical contracting in Nottingham. You have to call an experienced electrician for any kind of electrical work. Here are just a few of the many services that these companies offer.


If you want to install a new electrical appliance in your house, such as an air conditioner, you have to call an electrical contractor to your place first. The contractor will need to check the distribution of electricity and then decide which phase to connect the appliance to.


If there’s any electrical device in the house that is not working properly, you should call an electrical contractor. Many people tamper with the electrical equipment in their house, but that’s really not a good thing to do. Instead, you should make sure that only a certified contractor handles the electrical equipment within the place. These are just a few services that they offer.


4 Reasons Why Registering With a Recruitment Agency is a Smart Move

If you are just embarking on your career, there is much to learn, and no doubt you have hopes and aspirations to achieve great things, and while you might be very happy with your current employer, it makes sense to keep your options open. Typically, a recruitment agency would focus on one or two specific industries, such as the asbestos and water treatment industry, and by registering with such an agency, you will always have the option when a good position becomes available. If you have never considered registering with a recruitment agency, here are just a few of the benefits you can expect to enjoy.

  1. Maximise Exposure – If you spend half an hour sourcing and registering with a suitable recruitment agency, you have lost nothing, yet from that moment on, you will be aware of the many openings that come along. This empowers you and allows for career choices that might otherwise have gone undetected, and by having the option to apply or not, you have everything to gain, and who knows, you might end up on the expat circuit, making a tax-free salary in an exotic part of the world.
  2. A Free Service – The recruitment agency receives a payment from the employer when a position is filled, so the service is free for the job seeker, and if you are looking for jobs in asbestos, for instance, there are specific agencies that focus on the industry, and they have global connections with all the best employers.
  3. Personal Development – We all want to develop as we progress in our career, and by registering with the right recruitment agency, you will have access to opportunities that would otherwise have passed you by. Some people say it is fate when a door opens, but to be realistic, it is more to do with connections, and by having access to the market leaders in your chosen field, you can add skills to your already impressive arsenal.
  4. Career Opportunities – You might, for example, be thinking of changing your employment to something a little different, but for financial reasons, you would prefer to stay at your current employment, at least until the right opening comes along. The agency will always inform you when a position becomes available that might be of interest, and then you have a choice, and hopefully, you will eventually find the ideal employer.

If you would like to explore the possibilities that a recruitment agency can offer, a simple online search is all it takes, and once you have registered, you will always know when an attractive position becomes available. There is absolutely nothing to lose by doing this, and it might just lead to that dream job which in turn, offers great prospects. It is important to find the right agency, one that focuses on your specific field, and if they are an established company, they will move in the best circles.

Business Career

The Benefits Of Itil Training For Your Business

ITIL (Information Technology Infrastructure Library) training is one of the best assets you can acquire for yourself for implementing an information management system that will improve the efficiency and increase the productivity of your business.

Ever since the system was first introduced in the 1990’s its reputation and clientele have grown at an impressive rate. Today, it is the most widely applied information systems management strategy available, and most of the big companies owe their success to having used an ITIL-based system.

IT services are greatly enhanced

Because the ITIL style of running the business addresses all problematic issues as they come and resolves them in the quickest and most diplomatic way possible, these problems never constitute a major obstacle to the business process and the flow of communication proceeds unimpeded.

Besides preventing the process from slowing down because of difficulties encountered in one of the departments, ITIL structures the organization of the company in such a way that pertinent information reaches the people who have full authority to act on them in the soonest possible time. This ability stems from the fact that system cuts up processes into their basic parts and assigns people for each of the major stages of the process. In that way, the question of who is empowered to act on an issue is settled as soon as that issue emerges. That further speeds up the business process.

Concomitant with avoiding any waste of time, the system enables the business to devote more energy towards being productive. Since problems are addressed fast and resolved easily, employees do not spend their time in the office preoccupied with pending issues. They get the chance to focus on the productive job they have on hand.

Not only is interoffice communication improved, but also client relationships. ITIL makes the creation of a friendly environment for clients possible. Employees are taught how to be client-centered. They learn how to resolve issues brought up by clients in a timely and helpful manner. The clients themselves will never have to return another day because the employee entertaining them does not know to resolve their problems.

An ITIL system with its improved protocol for the transmission of information can almost always provide clients with satisfactory answers to their queries. Of course, when clients are pleased with an organization’s treatment, they will want to keep coming back and patronizing that organization’s services.

As a result of this increased rate of returning clients, the goods and services provided by the company become highly scalable, as is also the case with third-party applications that the company provides the clients.

Finally, the positive effects of having a good ITIL-based system management program in place can only lead to the one thing that all organizations dream of, and that is internal and external growth. Employees grow in stature as they daily learn to master the skills of good communication. Their career prospects grow. At the same time, the company itself will begin to feel the need to expand its boundaries, given the excellent reaction of the public to their way of conducting business.


Build a Better Life for the Elderly with Alan Naul

In today’s world, where everybody is busy building careers and making money, Alan Naul, the Founder and President of the Javelin Group in Dallas, Texas, aims at focusing his real estate dreams on the senior population of the country. Having worked as a Managing Director since 1989 till 2003 for The Hampstead Group, Alan has shown his remarkable skills in real estate since the beginning of his professional life. His accomplishments at the Hampstead Group include the procurement and disposition of the company’s two biggest lodging projects – the Wyndham Hotels and the Bristol Hotels and Resorts. He was also the mind behind the workout strategy for a $130 million investment in the Omega Healthcare Investors REIT, a firm which had most of their assets in bankruptcy.

In 2003, Alan Naul founded the Javelin Group with the main vision of using it as an investment tool to focus on making planned investments in properties that can help in providing housing and healthcare amenities such as assisted living, nursing care, and memory care facilities for the senior citizens.

The Javelin Group, under the supreme guidance of Alan Naul, has established and supported investments in over $400 million of commercial real estate properties since its inception in 2003. One of their latest ventures is the Villages of St. Peters Memory Care located in Missouri which was inaugurated in October, 2015.

The Javelin Group invests in all sorts of senior care real estate projects which include but are not limited to independent living, retirement homes, memory care, and skilled nursing care facilities. The firm’s investment mantra is to create affiliation with the best-in-the-industry operators who are aiming at expanding their geographic footprints or strategic network.

Alan Naul is not only a celebrated man in the real estate sector for senior citizens but is also known for his compassion towards the living and healthcare standards for the elderly as a whole. He is quite a regular at events specifically aimed at bettering the world for the elderlies such as the ‘Walk to End Alzheimer’s’. This event is the largest of its kind in the world and is organized by the Alzheimer’s Association.

The event aims at raising awareness towards the disease which is known to be the sixth-leading cause of death in the nation. It also aims at raising funds for care and support for the affected patients and for ongoing researches on the disease. The walk is an annual event arranged in more than 600 communities in the U.S.A. Alan Naul along with his staff at the Javelin Group, was an active participant in the Walk to End Alzheimer’s event held in Missouri in 2015.

Mr. Naul is a graduate in Business Administration with a specialization in real estate from the Southern Methodist University, Dallas, Texas. In spite of his several achievements and upcoming projects, Mr. Naul believes in maintaining a perfect balance between his personal and professional life by often indulging into extracurricular activities. He is a hiking and snow skiing enthusiast and a huge follower of local professional sports such as football and basketball.


What Will You Learn in a HR Management Course

Human resource management is one of the most important departments in any company. The human resource management department focuses on making sure that employees are productive in the workplace. The HR department of a company also plays a crucial role in determining which employees to let go, and when hiring a potential candidate. Over the past century, there have been many studies and private researches that focus on improving employee productivity and creating a conducive environment for workers.

If you want a career in the field of human resources, you might want to consider taking a course on HR management. HR management courses are offered by private institutes and companies throughout the city. Taking a private course is a fantastic idea for employees and aspiring candidates for a variety of reasons. You will learn a lot of new things and techniques on how to deal with different kinds of issues. Here are some of the important features of taking a course in human resource management.

Management Theories

There have been a variety of management theories published over the past several years. Many of these build on the foundation set by some of the greatest researchers of the past. These theories play a vital role in employee management in today’s world. Most of the employees working in this field only studied these theories at university, and never realise how to apply them in the practical world.

However, the tutors teaching these courses are highly experienced professionals that have been in this industry for several decades. They will give you relevant examples from their own experience and ideas about how to apply these management theories and gauge employee behaviour in the office workplace. This will make you better at what you do, and help you hone your skills so that you are able to apply your knowledge in the practical world.

How to Deal With Office Conflicts

One of the most sensitive issues that many HR managers have difficulty with is dealing with office conflicts. If there’s a conflict between two employees in the office, the HR manager will be responsible for resolving it. The bigger problem here is that the HR manager must resolve the issue without appearing to side with either employee. During the course, HR managers will talk about the different kinds of conflicts that they have faced, and how they managed to resolve them. After all, the best teacher is experience, so you can learn from their experiences. Ultimately, this will make you better at your job. These courses are held during the evening or on the weekends, so there won’t be a conflict of schedule. The average duration of each course is around two weeks.