Tailor your CV to stand out from the crowd


When applying for a job or going to an interview to work in the City of London, it is highly unlikely you will go to the meeting wearing sports gear and shoes! Most likely, you will be wearing a tailored suit, make sure all the finer details are up to scratch (eg: clean cut shave, hairstyle, clean nails and so on) and head to the interview full of confidence in your capabilities to be employed.

Each Job CV is unique

The same philosophy that is applied when going to an interview should be applied when creating your CV. When you have applied to numerous job positions and go to a number of job interviewers hoping to be the lucky chosen one, you will not say the exact same words or speech as you have done previously since every job position is different and a recruiter can ask a variety of questions which are completely unrelated. This is why, when choosing a CV Builder, it is vital to make sure that you can easily modify your CV should you need to, in order to comply with all feedback you may receive and make your CV as clear and concise as it can be.

Relying on a generic CV version, a one size fits all CV is a common mistake made by numerous students when applying to jobs for the first time. Like a cover letter, the CV must be personalised to meet the requirements of the jobs, for instance, some may focus more on the work experience you have to date whilst other position may be more interested in your academic background and accomplishments. It is is up to the candidate to acknowledge this and make sure they are continuously making sure their CV is up to scratch with industry standards.

Recruiter’s Perspective

To make sure the point is crystal clear, a student must keep in mind a recruiter’s timeframe to make a decision of your CV is extremely limited, most likely seconds as they are under continuous pressure and contained by time to make decisions. A recruiter’s first objective is the information provided matches roughly with the job position description, which will allow him to fast track you on to the next step. This is why it is crucial to make sure an appropriate CV creator is used when making your CV as it will solve your problems and unlock hidden doors!