Few Facts to Know Before Getting Lab Testing Service


Are you sure about the quality of the product that is being imported? Most probably you don’t know until and unless you get the lab test result. Whether you are importing pharmaceutical products or electronic goods, lab testing report is must. When you are importing any good and they are found to be non-complaint then the whole consignment becomes illegal. You cannot return them and also cannot use them to sell. 

In such a situation it is best to get Lab testing service and if you want to know why, read on

Why is laboratory testing important?

There are different products and many of them are regulated by various safety standards. Like, when children goods are imported they must pass the regulations set by CPSIA in USA. So, the lab test report ensures that the products are compliant with the regulations. 

It’s true that in many countries lab testing is not mandatory but still it is advised to use it because

  • It ensures that the product is compliant with the standard. With a third-party lab test it is possible to be sure that it is compliant and there will be no issues with customs. 
  • Most retailers and even online platforms are also very careful about the standard of the products being delivered to the customers. When you are not able to give such report many online selling platforms may not accept your products. 

There are different types of lab test done by third party and depending upon the type of product you are procuring you must get the lab test done. 

Can suppliers do lab testing?

Most of the time many importers do not want to bring in any third party lab testing service provider. They may request the supplier to do the lab testing and provide the report. However, this is not a good practice. Most of the time manufacturers may not have the expertise that is required for carrying on the lab test on the products. 

Moreover, as a buyer, it is best that you do not rely on your suppliers. It is obvious that they will always try to make you sure that their products are good enough. They may not be so, thus rely on third-party lab testing. They will provide you with a genuine report. Apart from this, they will have experts for carrying on a different lab test and you will get better results. 

Your supplier may also suggest that they will provide you with a lab testing report done by their experts. While many importers do that you should avoid doing it. The reasons are simple. They may not get the test done by an accredited laboratory. There are even chances that the lab reports are forged. 

Moreover, as you are importing the goods your supplier may not be aware of the regulations that are prevalent in your market. So, when you are paying for the test it is best that you get it done by experts from your end. You will get reports that are genuine and according to the rules and regulations of your country.