Dominate Your Competitors With Domain Authority Checker!


Domain Authority Checker is one of the effective tools that help to dominate your competitors. It is a well-known Moz tool and incredibly useful for improving search engine ranking. Earlier, only SEO experts had access to this wonderful tool. Still, now it has become open source with many amazing features which can be availed by everyone who wants their website on top of SERP (search engine result pages).

Importance of DA

Only those websites have high Domain Authorities that are authoritative and trusted by Google. The PageRank algorithm used by Moz assigns DA scores from 0-100 based on factors such as linking root domains, number & quality of backlinks, etc.

Tips for Using this Tool

Some important tips about using Domain Authority Checker like Contconcord:

  • Checking Alexa Rank and DA helps get more accurate results because smaller sites with low Alexa Rank may not show up easily in SERP even if they have a good DA score.
  • Always evaluate your competitor’s link profile before starting any off-page optimization campaign because understanding what links your rivals are targeting will give you an edge over them.
  • Generally speaking, aim for at least a 30+DA score if you want to rank higher than your competitors.
  • Verify whether newly acquired links are helping in increasing the site’s authority or not; otherwise, there