Hunter Airplane Propellers Industrial Fans

Hunter Airplane Propellers Industrial Fans

The Hunter Industrial Fans feature a sleek design derived from airplane propellers. It uses a DC motor, which is highly energy-efficient and provides plenty of airflows. In addition, it features a six-speed remote control and a forward and reverses function, making it an indispensable item. This fan is designed to fit perfectly with today’s modern decor; this fan features a modern look that will fit most spaces.

Remote Control by Hunter controls all functions.

Whether you want to control the speed, reverse the rotation, or set the light kit, you can find a Hunter aviation ceiling fan with remote control. In addition, Hunter offers a wall holster and remote management with on/off buttons, dimmers, and downlight settings. And you can even control it from your smartphone! UL Listed means the product meets standards and is safe to use in certain areas. Whatever your specific needs are, Hunter ceiling fans come with a design that will fit.

This aviation ceiling fan features a brushed nickel motor housing, 14-degree blade pitch, and a 54-inch blade span. The fan’s downrod is 3 1/2″ or 6″, and it comes with a full-function wall-mount Touch Control system for controlling every aspect of its function. The Hunter Aviation Collection features a ceiling fan with three or six-inch downrods.

Variable pitch blades

An Aviation 60″ three-blade ceiling fan is reminiscent of props from vintage aircraft. It is crafted with an aerodynamic design and includes variable pitch blades for optimal airflow. The fan’s powerful DC motor delivers superior air flow with a variable pitch. It also comes with an RC600 handheld remote control for easy adjustments. Push a button on the remote control to adjust the fan’s speed and choose your desired pitch.

Axial fans have two basic types of blades: fixed and variable pitch. Variable pitch means the angle can be manually adjusted, while fixed pitch is always set the same. While fixed-pitch edges are typical on low-efficiency propeller fans, adjustable-pitch models adjust the angle manually or automatically, allowing you to fine-tune the airflow amount without changing the fan’s speed. However, variable pitch blades are more expensive to purchase and maintain and are generally not recommended for use in aircraft hangars, as they require constant maintenance.

The Hunter Aviation Collection is a modern industrial ceiling fan with smooth angles and a white finish motor. The fan is available with a 3 1/2″ or 6″ downrod and includes a full-function handheld remote control system. The fan can be installed at any height, and the size from ceiling to blade is 10 1/2″. The motor also includes a 100-watt mini-can halogen bulb.

In addition to variable pitch blades, many ceiling fans have a Hand Remote and feature a 15-degree blade pitch for optimal airflow. The Hand Remote also comes with reverse and downlight settings. If you’re looking for a high-end fan for your home or office, you’ll want to look at the CFM ratings. Then, compare the CFM, Blade Span, and Hand Remote to choose the best one for your home.


The Hunter Industrial Fans feature an aeronautical design with three curved blades reminiscent of the propellers of a World War I plane. The DC motor provides ample airflow and includes a remote control, six speeds, and a reverse feature. A contemporary ceiling fan like this is a must-have for any space. The Hunter Group is based in Corona, CA, producing George Kovacs fans and Hunter Lavery lighting.

Taking its inspiration from vintage airplane props, the Aviation ceiling fan features a sleek, aerodynamic design. It is powered by a powerful DC motor and includes a handheld remote control. The brushed nickel finish on the motor and medium maple blades gives it an airy look that works well with today’s modern trends. The fan also comes with an RC600 handheld remote control, making it easy to set the pitch of blades and adjust the fan’s speed without moving your hands.