3 Key Considerations When Planning an Office Fitout

Office Fitout

The interior design of your office space is important on so many levels. It is not simply just a space in which for your employees to work, it is the headquarters of your operation. A well-designed office space should not only be practical in working terms, it should also create an environment which breeds productivity. By making your workers feel comfortable and at ease in their workspace, you can improve both their happiness and the quality of their work. On top of this, your office creates a big impression for any clients or business partners who visit, so it is important to give off the right vibe. You can also use your office space as a marketing tool to perpetuate your brand ethics and show what kind of company you are striving to be. Here are 3 of the top things you need to consider when planning your office fitout.

  1. Branding

As already mentioned, branding your office space can really work wonders for your business. Not only does this instil your brand ethics in your workforce and make them feel a part of something, it also shows any clients that you mean business. Branding can be achieved through something as simple as using your company colours throughout your office fitout, to finding a way to express your company’s moto and values within its design. You may want company branded products used throughout your office space, or you may wish to include dedicated inspiration spaces where your workers can let their creative juices flow. For many companies, the way they treat their workforce is an extension of how they wish to be seen by their client-base, so by incorporating a gym space or a communal kitchen with a fancy coffee machine you can show that you care for your team.

  1. Design Services

There are services which can provide anything from simple partitioning to a full office design plan, including materials and furnishings. If you are going for a bold look with plenty of branding, then it really pays to opt for a full design service to help you pull it off. If you’re undertaking an office fitout in Perth, be sure to liaise closely with your provider to ensure they understand your design brief fully. Ensure that they have access to the site in question so that they can make a tailored plan and assess the building for any potential problems.

  1. The Technical Stuff

Although this is certainly something that your design team will be able to help with, it’s important that you communicate exactly what you will need from a technical standpoint. This includes thinking about the building’s ventilation, from heating to cooling and where vents are best placed. It also includes your tech equipment and power supplies, from phones and computers to plug sockets and switches. You will also need to carefully consider the lighting scheme to ensure you create a workable environment that is neither to bright nor too dark.

Designing your office space needn’t be a chore. By enlisting the right help and really running with your brand ethics, you can pull off an office fitout that will impress your staff and clients alike.