The Advantages Of Preventative Maintenance For Your Machinery


Nobody in Australia wants to hire equipment that is going to break down. It is essential that any plant we use is going to work and not hold up the contract. Preventative maintenance is the key to good machinery and it entails the regular servicing of plant and equipment on a regular basis, so that it doesn’t break down later and cost you thousands of dollars. It is common knowledge that plant and machinery that is serviced regularly will outlast any other equipment that isn’t and yet many companies in Australia continue to ignore the signs and let their equipment run until it eventually breaks down.

Many Advantages Of Regular Maintenance

Why is it that a company director will do regular maintenance on his luxury car, but won’t do the same regular maintenance of his plant and machinery? There are many advantages to preventative maintenance  and thankfully, more and more companies are seeing the real benefits of this. Here are five such advantages of taking the right care of your plant and machinery.

  1. The lifetime of your equipment is definitely extended and this means not having to spend large amounts of money to fix something major or even having to buy a completely new machine. If you are currently looking for a good company to take care of your equipment then contact Walkers for plant maintenance in Perth.
  2. It makes your equipment run more efficiently, which vastly lowers your expenses for power, like electric and diesel.
  3. Increases your uptime, so that more work gets completed in a typical working day. Any time that the plant is out of commission is down time, and it costs your business money.
  4. Improves customer service because less breakdowns mean happier customers and your workers could be using that saved time, somewhere else on the site.
  5. Establishes a good reputation for your company. Your company will be known for a reliable service and due to that, you should be able to secure more business opportunities.

Quality Equipment For Resale

When you are doing preventative maintenance, your machinery is running smoothly and efficiently and that means you have higher performance. The best performance of this equipment has a direct influence on your profits. If you have a heavy reliance on equipment and it breaks down, then that is going to cost you money right up to the point when it is fixed. If your machinery is constantly breaking down, then customers will leave you and you won’t be able to get new customers due to your reputation in the industry.

If your plant is well maintained, then it is working more efficiently and so it is using less fuel to operate. Now, for some this may only be a little fuel over a whole day but add it up for the year and you are looking at thousands of dollars wasted because you didn’t maintain your plant and machinery properly. The resale value of the equipment is also a factor and equipment that is not taken care of will attract smaller bids at auction or you might not be able to sell it at all.