The Top Video Tracks Of Shahrukh Khan You Should Not Miss!

Video Tracks Of Shahrukh Khan

If you are one of those Shahrukh Khan fans then you might have listened to all his music songs right? Ah, the videos and his acting; everything is so flawless about him right?  Do you think you know about the best music videos of ‘King Khan’?

Well, this post is going to take you into some of the most cherished and loved musical videos of ShahrukhKhan and you would definitely feel threefold in love with this man again. Without spending any time on further talks have a look at these video track names below:

Dil Se

Now this is one of the most loved and heart winning song of Shahrukh Khan. The strong clash between ideology and love is beautifully portrayed in this love story between a radio executive and that of a beautiful revolutionary. This song actually denotes a lot about the emotions and feelings. The acting of the actor actually gives you Goosebumps. There is no chance you might have missed this song track and if yes then you must listen to it now. After all, the sound track of dil se is believed to be as one of the finest of Shahrukh Khan.

Kuch-KuchHotaHai (1998)

This movie and the tracks it has are absolutely phenomenal and captivating. You can feel the music to the bones and feel loved in every inch. The acting of Shahrukh Khan in the songs make you feel like you are in love with this man and dating the songs over and over. The more you listen to the track the more you fall in love with it. Come on, the gorgeous, romantic soundtrack ever goes to this amazingly crafted movie only.


It is an amazing song filled with deep love, emotions and creativity. You can find a deep pinch of familiarity to this movie and the song track indeed. Shahrukh khan has indeed nailed it and has made people crazier about his personality and acting skills. If you haven’t listened to this track so far, you should do it now. After all, the track is phenomenal and makes you feel romantic and emotional right away. Composed by the trio Shankar Essahanlaid, this is one of the finest albums in the realm of bollywood. The title track ‘KalHo Na Ho’ was a great hit and even today make the hearts to beat faster. The charm of ShahrukhKhan makes the song even more luring and enticing.


This is another distinct movie of Shahrukh Khan and makes you fall in love with its songs instantly. The most exciting and uplifting song of this movie of ShahrukhKhan hasundoubtedly been‘YuhiChalaChal’. It is a song that gives you energy and enthusiasm right away.  The acting of Shahrukh Khan in the song track makes it even more convincing and buying.


Thus these were a few of the many amazing video songs of Shahrukh Khan that you should not miss out. These are the tracks that you can listen to repeatedly. You can easily watch these and download them once you install Vidmate 2018. The app gives you access to endless videos and movies.