6 Useful Tips For Your Business When Installing A Security System


According to the crime data report released by FBI, the total value of stolen office equipments amounts in excess of $ 525 million. With a surge in crime across the country, it is important to safeguard your business. That’s where a security system comes to the picture! A security system is meant to protect your work place from outside threats like intruders, as well as inside data theft by employees or accidents like fire, flood etc.  Installing a security system for your business requires detailed planning and help from experienced professionals. In this article, we are listing some tips which might help you when you install a security system for your office.

  1. Get The Right Equipments

The location and type of your business decides the equipments you should include on your security system. Your office space is another factor which decides on the number of equipments and type of security system you can consider. It makes a little sense to go for high end system which requires structural change if your office is a rented space. Additionally, you might require more surveillance devices if there are more number of small rooms or closed spaces in your building as compared to a big hall accommodating same workforce size.

  1. Get A Reliable Partner

You can increase the efficiency of your security system by finding an experienced and reliable provider. You can discuss with your peers for references and check their feedback. The partner must be taken on-board right from the initial planning stages of the system. You might be tempted to decide on the services yourself but you must get some professional help to take all the vulnerabilities into account while planning. The system you plan to install must be reliable and scalable to accommodate your business expansion in future.

  1. Consider Extra Sensors/Features

Once you have finalized the security system and provider, you might want to look for extra features and sensors for added security. For example, sensors for detecting floods or smoke detectors can be highly advantageous! Another popular feature on the market is to get a panic button for business. Getting these additional components can be beneficial for both your business as well as the employees.

  1. Select Right Alerts

Most of the companies opt for a variety of features and services in their security systems but hardly use them. Most of the security systems lets you chose alerts and notifications in case of alarm but these alerts must be set smartly. A common type of alert is motion sensors; while it might be a useful alert to detect for intrusion, it makes little sense to set alerts if your office hires cleaners beyond office hours. Advanced security systems also offer mobile features to remotely monitor the security system at your office.

  1. Train Your Employees

The effectiveness of security system for your business depends on how efficiently it is used. In order to utilize the system properly and to its full capacity, all employees must be trained. Educating the employees with the security features and protocols helps them to avoid making rookie mistakes like unintentionally leaving the doors unlocked or forgetting to activate the alarm before leaving work. Make sure that they follow best practices for a secured workplace.

  1. Be Prepared For Extra Fees

Installing the security system for your office by a professional requires initial investment as well as periodic maintenance charges. These additional charges must be accounted while working out budgets for the security systems at your office. Make sure to include any future investment for the next couple of years as your business expands.

We hope that these tips will help you in creating a secure workplace when you install a new security system at your office.

Thank you for your time and patience.