Become a Private Money lender: What you need to know to make it Work

Private Money lender

Private lenders are lenders that lend money to individuals or companies, rather than traditional lending institutions such as banks and mortgage companies. This can be a profitable business, since interest can provide a good income. However, it is not easy to do business. It requires continuous training and knowledge to succeed. Private lenders can provide valuable funds to obtain the money needed to start a business buy a house or even go to college. To be successful in this area of ​​work, a person must have knowledge in the field of banking and investment. You may also need to obtain some type of certification or license to pursue a career as a private Money Lender Singapore.

To start, sign up for brokerage classes

There are several online licensing courses available, and obtaining a license adds value to your business. Keep up to date with courses on real estate, real estate management, and escrow and bank loans offline. This not only protects you, since you have a better chance of success if you know what you are doing, but also increases the likelihood of having a business. The more education you have, the more you deserve to trust a certain field of activity.

Examine the market and identify one or two key markets to focus on. This allows a focused education on your part. Due to too much diversification, it is difficult to concentrate on the details of any market and can lead to a disaster. Provide secured loans or assets that belong to you. Remember that mortgage repayments generally range between 15 and 30 years, so diversification to the extent that some smaller loans can be provided with shorter repayments can be beneficial. Also, do not occupy more than 75% of the value of the guarantee. This is simply a security measure to help ensure that minimum funds are lost if the loan is declared bankrupt.

Make sure borrowers are financially solvent. This can be done by requesting financial information and working with real estate brokers. Also, check with Credit Alert, an interactive voice response system, to verify your credit rating. Grant loans only to those who are solvent and have a history or pay other debts.


Also, provide assistance from other professionals. Develop a relationship with a lawyer familiar with private loan investments and ask them to consider any possible transactions. In addition, use the services of a responsible and reputable legal entity to process documents and details of any transaction you make. Check them regularly to make sure they are consistent with your operations and pay the fees associated with the work you do in your operations. This would be instead of requiring the borrower to pay these fees. Finally, set interest rates similar to those of other credit institutions in the region to remain competitive.

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