Want to save your company? Invest in proper tax planning now

Invest in proper tax planning now

The good management of a company depends on several factors and one of the most important of these is tax planning, since the tax burden is a very representative item in the results of companies, worldwide. In this post, you will understand why it is important to do planning for Small business taxes, what benefits you will have and how a specialized consultancy can assist you.

What is tax planning?

Tax planning is a set of studies of rules and procedures that can make a company legally pay less tax – which is also known as, tax avoidance. It is very important not to confuse the term with tax evasion, which is when the taxpayer is acting in bad faith and harming the government.

Choosing the right tax regime

In order for the taxpayer to be able to pay fewer taxes within the law, tax planning will use historical data such as, billing, size of the company, activities it performs, among other information that will allow knowing the business profile. Based on these data, it will be possible to choose the most appropriate type of taxation, that is, one that makes it possible to pay fewer taxes. It is very common for everyone to believe that “basic” is the best tax regime, since it is simplified and has some benefits for micro and small companies. However, in some cases, tax planning may verify that this is not the best alternative for your company, pointing out what your company should do to save on taxes.

Make the correct collection and payment of taxes

Many companies, although legally constituted, may have problems with the collection and payment of taxes or problems with the misinterpretation of the complicated Brazilian tax system, thus failing to retain amounts due. It is at this moment that the importance of advising in the tax planning of your company comes in again – not only providing guidance in relation to the framework, but answering questions and ensuring that the company is correctly recognizing all the due amounts of taxes.


Here you saw that tax planning is very important, from the correct option for the tax regime that best adapts to your reality and allows you to pay, legally, less taxes, until you avoid the taxable event, when it is possible, and the correct collection and payment of taxes. Do not forget that there is no perfect regime for a company forever, as the laws and the company itself constantly changes. The benefits of hiring a professional company for tax management is many: fully protected access, encryption, multiuser with different profiles, customized chart of accounts, alternative bookmarks, reports by business unit and features, etc.

So, how about getting to know specialized services that can help you save, intelligently, from your taxes?