Workplace Injury: 6 Reasons to File your Injury Claim


When working, you are likely to experience different types of injuries from slip fall, machine breakages, car accidents, and personal injury. No matter the type of workplace injury you encounter, you will have to dig deeper into your pockets to ensure you stand again. Your employer should be held responsible for any workplace injuries and compensations.

Sometimes you have to visit a lawyers like Snow Carpio and Weekley to help you handle your workplace injury claim. However, before you go ahead, here are some reasons why you ought to file your claim in the first place.

Reasons for filling workplace injury claim

1.  Negligence by employer

Every worker is entitled to safety at the workplace. Your employer is responsible for ensuring your workplace has a safer environment to reduce the chances of workplace injuries. When your employer ignores their responsibility, then you can sue them for being part of your injury. You will prove to the court that their negligence contributed to your injury at the workplace and therefore, they should compensate you for the damages.

2. The high cost of medication

Sometimes you can get a severe injury requiring a series of medical operations. Without medical insurance, this may cost you a lot. Suppose you meet the medical bills for your workplace injury, you can file an injury claim and push your employer to compensate you. Compensation for medical expenses is an apparent reason to file your injury claim.

3. Lost wages

If you experience, a severe workplace injury chances are that you may not return to work again. For example, where you are involved in a car accident while at work and your body is paralyzed. During the first months of seeking medication, you will be losing some working hours and wages. You may not be getting any payments from your employer, putting you on financial mayhem.

4. Emotional damages

Workplace injury affects not only your physical body but also the mind. You will experience pain and suffering before your wound heals completely. The court can calculate the psychological damage caused by the injury in monetary terms, and your employer forced to compensate you. All you need is an experienced workplace injury lawyer to help you file your injury case.

5. Prevent repeat situations

When you file an injury claim, and your employers pay you accordingly, you bring law and order to the limelight. Your employer is forced to take caution to ensure no such cases happen again. This is because a company loses funds when compensating workers. If your injury is a result of negligence, then filing a claim can ensure those who cause you the pain are more responsible for avoiding any future cases.

6. Getting compensation from your insurer

Nearly, most workers are entitled to workplace injury insurance. Your employer might be deducting some amount from your wages to pay monthly premiums to insurance companies. In case of an injury, most insurance companies would like to avoid compensations. Filing an injury claim is the only way of holding them accountable.


When you experience a workplace injury, it is essential to seek medical attention immediately. To hold your employer and insurance company accountable for the injury, you need to seek the assistance of a lawyer to help you file your injury claim. The six reasons for filing a workplace injury claim highlighted here should permit you to proceed.