Platinum vs. Gold: Which Investment is the Best for You


The historical significance of gold has been essential in the last few millennia. It can also feature aesthetic value and financial assets. Platinum is another option you can choose, especially for industrial applications and jewelry.

Both are perfect investment options, mainly because we can find numerous differences. Some of them are price fluctuations and long-term stability. Its production is scarce, mainly because it comes from Russia and South Africa. According to statistics, more than 190 metric tons of platinum we mint.

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At the same time, it is more challenging to produce platinum than gold because it requires a challenging purification process and is more profound in the earth. It is dense, which makes it perfect for industrial applications. We use it in catalytic converters for turbine engines and cars. Besides, we use it for medical devices and jewelry.

When it comes to gold, it comes from three countries, including Russia, Australia, and China. It is a prominent option for electronic devices, the aerospace industry, artistic applications, and jewelry. We can use it in a few industries, including computers, dentistry, and other electronic devices.

Due to its historical significance, numerous governments worldwide perceive it as an alternative currency, which is why they store quantities of it. We presented you with factors you should consider when choosing which commodity is the best for you.

1. Value

The price differences between platinum and gold depend on numerous factors. Throughout history, gold has been a more prominent option than platinum, while vice versa moments also happened.

Generally, platinum comes at a high value from 1987 to 2008. However, after the mortgage crisis, the value of gold reached a peak and exceeded the platinum value. Nowadays, things are back to normal, meaning platinum is a more expensive option due to high demand and low supply.

2. Characteristics

Each option comes with different characteristics when it comes to trading. For instance, we are talking about one of the best and most liquid options you can find. Each day, numerous sellers and buyers trade it on the world market. You can purchase futures, mutual funds, stocks, and many more.

One of the most liquid commodities in the world is gold futures, especially because daily trading is approximately twenty-seven million ounces. At the same time, people go over the counter to get physical counterparts, making it perfect for safekeeping.

When it comes to platinum, you can find numerous exchange options on the market. It is also a physical commodity you can use, especially in over-the-counter markets. Still, people are buying it in a smaller percentage. Since the difference in liquidity is significant, platinum is a more volatile option you can find on the market.

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3. Relativity

You should know that precious metals are moving in the same direction. However, the relativity of price between them depends on supply and demand, as well as economic issues that affect both. Platinum is essential in the automotive industry, while gold features a safe-haven status during economic crises.

Therefore, if economic issues happen, the chances are high that it will lose its value more than gold. That is why you should be cautious beforehand.

Which One Is the Best for You?

Suppose your main goal is long-term stability and investing. In that case, you should choose gold as the best course of action. You can always find a significant demand level for gold, increasing during the financial crisis and inflation.

On the other hand, platinum is tied closely to the economy, meaning its popularity can depend on numerous factors. As a result, it is a perfect short-term investment in trending and increasing economies. That is when you can get higher returns than gold.

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Still, before deciding which is perfect for you, we recommend you understand the investment goals and strategies. You should conduct comprehensive research on both commodities to determine the perfect fit based on your budget and goals.