Key Facts about Recruitment in the UK and How to Rectify an Uninspired Turnover Rate


The archetypal British worker will change vocations at least nine times during the course of his or her lifetime, and the median job tenure of UK employees is currently pegged at a pitiful 4.2 years.

Retention and Staffing by the Numbers

During the preceding 12 months, the recruitment trade in the United Kingdom generated nearly £33 billion in revenue, so let’s take a look at why virtually every domestic industry is starting to subcontract their compulsory staffing activities. Consider the following facts:

  • Less than 40% of organisations in the UK actually have an integrated recruiting, interviewing, and staffing system in effect.
  • This poses serious obstacles when an essential internal role becomes vacant, as evinced by the fact that almost two-thirds of proprietors and administrators list applicant acquisition as their most pervasive worry.
  • Assimilating qualified drivers, machinery operators, warehouse staff, and office experts has become particularly difficult, as these professionals exhibit the shortest job tenures of any worker segment in the country.

Consequently, if you are experiencing challenges with onboarding temporary or permanent workers throughout the fiscal year, you need to link up with a local HGV driving recruitment company in Huntingdon that can deliver the cream of the crop in terms of reliable job candidates.

Is It Expensive to Hire a Recruitment Maven?

Amongst the millions of SMEs in the UK, the annualised cost of supplanting an in-house employee is £11,000, which is precisely where a professional recruiting consultant can have the most influence.

Your local agency can help you on-board the right workers during holiday seasons, peak operating periods, and operational expansions, and you won’t have to pay a king’s ransom for this individualised service, so be sure to contact a recruiting guru to develop a streamlined staffing solution for your needs.