Ensure Health and Sanitation with a Hand Dryer


As a business owner, you already know that the appearance of your company building is important, as your customers and potential customers will be judging you from the moment they walk in your door. You probably already have a great cleaning crew that ensures that the flooring is clean and safe, trash bins are emptied, and any surfaces have been disinfected to slow the spread of disease, but one fixture in your bathroom may be overlooked. If you are still using paper towels in your bathroom for your customers and employees to dry their hands, then you are missing out on all of the benefits that having a great hand dryer in your bathroom can bring.

They’re Quiet

You may have balked at installing hand dryers in the bathrooms at your business because you have dealt with older models which are incredibly loud. These older models worked but tended to be so loud that it was sometimes uncomfortable to use them in a small bathroom. In addition, the noise tended to travel outside the bathroom walls and would disrupt anyone who was working nearby.

New models of dryers are no longer noisy like this. In fact, they are so quiet that it is almost impossible to hear them from outside the bathroom, making them a great addition to any office building. Even if you have more than dryer one running at the same time, you are not likely to hear them outside the bathroom, and the people using them will not find the level of noise to be uncomfortable.

They’re Environmentally Friendly

While you may have avoided installing dryers in the past due to their noise, how bulky they were, and how much they cost, using paper towels is not a better option. Not only are they very expensive to keep replacing, as customers tend to overuse the amount of paper towels that they actually need, but it is also not good for the environment to use them. You will not be cutting down any trees to supply your bathroom when you install new, high quality dryers.

They’re Sanitary

You worry about keeping your staff and customers safe and healthy, but paper towels do not do a great job at killing germs. They do dry off hands, for the most part, but any germs that were not killed during the actual hand washing will still be on the skin. Dryers, on the other hand, use heat to help kill germs, helping ensure that everyone in your office stays healthy.

Now is the time to install dryers at your office. They are less expensive than they ever were in the past, are small and stylish, and work well without causing a lot of noise. Buying from a reputable company ensures that you get quality dryers that will last for years.