Common Mistakes To Avoid During Office Fitouts Project


Company owners prefer Perth office fitouts projects to increase the productivity and encourage employee involvement. You can get a great opportunity to enhance your business through office fitouts while you are locating your firm to another location. If you are preparing for office fitouts project, you need to avoid a few mistakes and they are mentioned below.

Leaving Out Decor And Furnishings

Based on what we know about environmental stress factors in the office environment, even tiny improvements on individual worker performance can add up to a significant positive impact over many employees over the course of a year. When striving for a productive environment, it pays to consider ‘quality of life’ factors in the everyday office.

Lacking Common Spaces

Usually, you can see these spaces lacking in smaller offices, where real estate is a premium, and common areas get passed over in favour of more desk space. Comfortable congregation spots give staff a place to collaborate and socialise, offering them a break from their screens while building positive relationships in the workplace.

Not Having Enough Data Ports And Power Points

While undergoing Perth office fitouts you need to treat these facilities as an afterthought is an out dated practice, contributing to fire hazards, trip hazards, and day-to-day inconveniences that entail collateral effects of their own.

If you notice it that your office is lacking in electrical sockets and data ports, you need to take advantage of modern technology. And dealing with it usually involves dangling extension leads, metres of unsightly network cabling, and ‘daisy chained’ power boards to get power and information where they’re needed.

Ignoring The Safety And Health Factors

Imagine desks and equipment placed poorly around the office, obstructing evacuation procedures during an emergency. Or inadequate lighting and acoustic dampening, imposing long-term physical and mental health impacts on your employees. So it is essential to concentrate on health and safety during office fitouts Perth WA.

Vital for any business is ensuring the safety of your employees, clients and the customers, and any fellow occupants in neighbouring premises. Just a few careless decisions during an office re-fit may create hazardous environments during the build process and after the project is complete.

Trying To DIY

During the commercial office fitouts in Perth, the specialists will understand the potential budget, project management and implementation issues that wait, and be well-equipped to deal with them before they become a problem for your business. Most small businesses can get away with a simple DIY job. But a complete commercial office re-fit can get out of hand quickly, even in medium-sized premises. When your office fit-out looks bigger than a couple of book shelves and chairs, consider getting help from the professionals.