Using Contracts When Providing Services to Clients

Freelancers, agencies, and service providers need to make sure that they are actually using legal contracts when engaging in any sort of contract work for clients. Not only can this open them up to potential legal liability issues, but it can also create issues with client nonpayment and client expectations. As such, it is always better for those who work with clients to have contracts in place before doing so. These contracts can even be standardized ort based on a template. However, they need to reflect the type to work being done and should also have specific legal clauses that address that type of work. With that in mind, here is how you can use contracts to help you with clients when you are providing services to them.

Get legal protections and set expectations

One of the biggest benefits of contracts are the legal protections they offer. Contracts can help to protect your business when dealing with clients, especially when performing sensitive work. This can include anything from making changes to a client’s home or office space, or even to their website or other digital assets. For example, if you are a web designer, you will want to make sure you have a contract in place before touching a client’s website. If you do not, and something with their website goes wrong, it is possible that you can be liable for the damages or lost business that your client has depending on what kind of work you have performed for their website.

This is also the case when it comes to correctly setting expectations. Contracts can help to specify the length and breadth of an engagement, as well as what you are explicitly responsible for and what you are not. This helps in working with clients and setting boundaries when clients asks for endless revisions. If you have it specified in the contract that only a certain amount of revisions are permitted, then this can be referred to when a client signs the contract and then demands an excessive amount of revisions.

Create better client relationships with contract lifecycle management

Contracts affect every facet of life. This includes renting an apartment, enrolling in a program, and of course, the relationship between client and service provider. However, when service providers sign contracts with clients, they don’t often realize that these contracts are a two-way street and cannot perform for them well. This can happen even if the service provider is the originator of the contract, as many service providers use contracts that they find online without creating them into their own customizable templates.

The efficacy of your contracts can be measured through a process called contract lifecycle management. This process holistically looks at the contract process and breaks it out into steps so that you can determine what is working and what is not working. This can give you a better sense of a contract’s implications and what clauses are serving you well and what are not. When creating contracts in the future, you can then apply contract lifecycle management to better determine how a contract can benefit you as a service provider and what parts of a contract might be hurting you.

When entering a business relationship with a client, it is important for a service provider to have a signed contract. This protects them both legally and from a client’s expectations of further unpaid work. A service provider should also use contract lifecycle management to better assess its contracts and make sure that they are working for them.


Design Elements You Should Make Sure Your E-Commerce Store Has

Whether this is your first time building out an e-commerce store or you are looking to develop one of many, design can be one of the most important factors to keep in mind when creating your website. Your e-commerce store needs to have some specific design choices in order to encourage your customers to make it through the checkout process and put in their order.

Here are some design elements you want to make sure that you incorporate when building out your store.


When you go to create your design, one of the first things you are going to want to keep in mind is whether or not your website will work properly on a mobile device. Not only does this make it easier for customers to trust and purchase from you, but it also makes it better if you are planning on using SEO as a part of your strategy in order to get new clients. Google tends to value sites who have a mobile-friendly design first, and customers might drop off if they find that they have a hard time navigating your site.

Standard text and font sizes

Likewise, text that is too difficult to read or does not offer enough spacing can cause major problems for buyers. If they find it too difficult to research your product or service, they might drop off your site and you will lost a sale. Fortunately, with tools like headless commerce, you can often make changes on the frontend of your website without majorly affecting the code on the backend. This can make it much easier to make these changes to your store without having to hire someone.

Simple checkout

The place where online businesses most often lose customers is during the checkout process when they actually have to put in their credit card information. This can be intimidating for them  if they don’t feel like you are providing the security necessary in order to make that happen. This is why you should take time to make sure that you checkout process is as simple as possible and that there aren’t any hiccups when you customers go to put their information into the available forms.

Consistency with branding

Your brand says a lot about your business, which is why you will want to make sure that you keep it consistent throughout your site. Customers can easily be turned off if they feel like they have navigated to another website—especially if it happens to be during the checkout process. Make sure all of your colors, buttons, logos, and more are the same so they know they are still in the right location.

In summary

Design is often an underrated consideration when it comes to creating an e-commerce store, it and it’s one that you will want to make an effort to put time and energy into in order to bring in the customer base you want.

Business Technology

What is Brushless DC Pump?

Brushless dc pump is a dc water pump powered by a dc power supply, solar dc power supply, or battery operated. Usually used as a dc booster pump, dc submersible pump, dc solar pump, dc circulation pump to pressurize, transport and circulate liquids. Such as water, oil, acid and alkali liquids, food grade liquids, emulsions, etc. Compares with AC water pumps driven by 120v, 220v, 240v, 380v AC motors, brushless dc pump has characteristics of small size, safety, high efficiency, low noise, portable, etc.

As a low voltage small water pump,Brushless DC pumps are widely used for applications that requires low price, safety, quiet, low power consumption. Such as applications for: home appliance, vehicle, pool, well, pet water fountain, Aquarium, fish tank, dc fountain, water heater, water circulation system, automotive heat management system, etc.

brushless dc Pump

Brushless dc Pump Manufacturer

VOVYO Technology Co., Ltd is a brushless dc pump manufacturer in China which located in Dongguan city. VOVYO specialized in R&D and producing small circulation water pump, automotive electric water pump, food grade water pump, quiet water pump, booster water pump, water heater pump, etc. During the past more than 10 years, VOVYO has developed 9 series pump from VP25 to VP90. All of them are built by a 12v , 24v, 5v, or 6v bldc motor. Mainly used for application like small water circulation system, cat water fountain, irrigation, electric water heaters, water booster system, coffee machine, auto engine cooling, motor controller cooling, automotive heat management system etc.

VOVYO brand dc pumps are popular in the world. We export pumps to global countries such as United States, India, Japan, England, Germany, Australia, Canada, Italy, South Korea, Brazil, France, South Africa, etc.

Advantages of Brushless Pump

Brushless dc pump has many advantages due to it is built by a bldc motor. As we all know, brushless motor is high in efficiency, long in life span, low in noise , easy in control. So, it has many advantages compares with brushed dc water pump or AC water Pump. Here, list some of them as below :

  1. Long life: Car electric water pump with life span more than 20,000 hours. Further more, it can continuously work for 24 hours per day.

2.No leakage: There is no leakage in the electric pump due to the advanced magnetic drive and statically sealed technology used for it.

3.Wide working temperature range: As a electric coolant pump, it can work in the temperature range of -40°C ~ 125°C. The engine preheating and parking heater pump can also work smoothly. Even under extremely harsh environmental conditions.

4.Polarity protection: It can protect the pump from burning due to the wrong connection of the positive and negative electrodes.

5.Energy saving: brushless dc pump has the advantages of energy saving, high efficiency and environmental protection.


Employment Screening Best Practices

Pre-employment background screenings are a critical component of safe hiring practices. Doing the work to ensure that candidates are who they say they are, that they have the experience and credentials required for the job and that there are no red flags in their past that might indicate a risk to your organization provides real value for your company in the following ways:

  • Risk mitigation
  • Asset protection
  • Improved employee morale
  • Improved performance and productivity
  • Increased safety and security

To get the most benefit from your background check policy, use the following checklist of best practices:



  • Draft a comprehensive background check policy for your organization that is position-specific.
  • Include information such as why the level of screening is relevant to the job and what findings disqualify a candidate from the position.
  • Share information openly about your policy with all members of your organization. 

Forms and Documents

  • Familiarize yourself with the language that can and cannot be used on release forms.
  • Instruct candidates to sign at least two separate documents – a background check authorization form and a disclosure form. In the case of worldwide background screenings, applicants may need to sign multiple country-specific forms.
  • Remove liability waivers from forms as they violate FCRA regulations. 
  • Include the screening agency’s contact information on all documents and forms.
  • Remove verbiage from application forms that violate “ban the box” laws. For example, any questions such as “have you ever been convicted of a crime” need to be taken out. 
  • Store all authorizations, disclosures, and reports as dictated by law.
  • Issue both pre-adverse and adverse action notice when necessary.


  • Use an accredited Consumer Reporting Agency (CRA) to conduct all background screenings.
  • Screen applicants in conformance with all industry-specific regulations that apply, such as long-term care facilities, financial institutions, transportation jobs, or educational positions.
  • Meet with your legal team and your background check vendor regularly to discuss necessary compliance updates.


  • Avoid blanket statements such as “convicted felons need not apply.”
  • Run background checks consistently across all applicants.
  • Check international applicants consistently as well.
  • Evaluate screening reports in accordance with EEOC guidelines, always considering factors such as the gravity of the offense, time passed, rehabilitation, and relevance to the position at hand.
  • Allow applicants the requisite time to dispute or correct information before making a final hiring decision.
  • Assess the need for ongoing, recurring checks.

Solid Practices Lead to Solid Hires

Following these best practices will help your company onboard great talent and move towards the future.  


What Can Printing Companies Help You Out with?

Whenever you are managing businesses and projects, there will come times when you realise that you need more assistance than you likely currently have. In these cases, one of the best things that you can do for yourself is making sure that you know what kind of work you can leave in the hands of another expert. For instance, if you need to have designs printed onto another surface, you can rely on an experienced printing company to take care of it for you so that you don’t have to give it a second thought.

How Can Printing Companies Help?

When you first begin your search for printing companies in Pontefract, you will want to make sure that they can fully print any design that you want onto the material that you need. Some of the areas that printing companies commonly handle include the following:

  • Printing booklets, magazines, compliment slips, and catalogues
  • Printing menus, posters, letterheads, and envelopes
  • Printing business folders, stamps, bingo tickets, and business cards
  • Printing brochures, labels, beer mats, and NCR sets

No matter what you need to have printed, you will easily be able to get copies of the product that you need when you choose to work with an established printing company.

Why Should You Rely on a Printing Company?

Choosing to rely on a printing company can help you out in a number of different ways depending on what you need to be printed and what you are going to do with it. A high-quality printed design can go a long way in terms of simple advertisements and first impressions that people will have when they see the design. This applies to all areas where there might be a design, from the marketing to the uniforms that people might choose to wear. Because of how much the impression of a business can be affected by the printing work done, it is important for you to rely on a well-established printing company.

Business Technology

Fume extractor system: what value does it carry?

Fume extractors are mainly designed for industrial purposes. This kind of filtration system brings numerous benefits. The prime function of the fume extractor system is to take out the bad air from the workplace and purify it. Hence, it cleans the air and eliminates all the hazardous particles and chemicals from the air. A major difference in the quality of air can be witnessed with the fume extraction system

Harmful fumes and vapors are the core reasons for health issues in the industrial workplace. Therefore, it is necessary to realize the importance and uses of fume extraction systems.

Welding companies mostly work with laser fume extraction systems in order to pull out dangerous fumes. Welding is likely to release a large amount of fume, which can harm the eyes, throat, nose, or whole body. These fumes can bring both short-term and long-term risks. 

The fume produced from welding holds harmful components like nickel, chromium, zinc, manganese, etc. These components can be hazardous to the workers and the environment. Hence, it is imperative to keep the purity of the atmosphere for the health of the welders. 

Advantages of having a fume extractor system at the workplace

One must prefer installing a fume extraction system within the sector for keeping a healthy atmosphere. It would be advantageous for the employees as well as the company services. Some advantages of using a fume extractor: 

  1. A fume extractor installed in the workplace can encourage the entire staff. The condition and performance of the staff are likely to fall due to the atmosphere of the workplace. With a better atmosphere and filtered air, the staff would perform with more liveliness. The chances of getting long-term illness would be lowered to a great level. 
  2. The use of fume extraction system can assure a healthy working environment. If the workforce is not out of harm’s way, the industry or company would not be able to run for a long period. The fume extractor will pull away all the poisonous air, ensuring the most suitable air quality—this aids in keeping a suitable work atmosphere.
  3. A fume extraction system also lessens the likelihood of compensation. A good and healthy working atmosphere offers fewer absences because of health issues. Hence, installing a fume extraction system in the workplace does not affect workers’ wellbeing. Therefore, the enterprise/company does not have to pay a big compensation.

Earned a Lot from Forex Trading? Why Not Build Your Own Home

So let’s say you earning serious money from MetaTrader 5 and now you want to get your hands on building your own home. On the off chance that it is indeed the scenario, at that point this article is made only for you. There are things you need to factor in before you officially begin fabricating your own NSW home. Prior to whatever else, you need to realize that it won’t be a simple work – one error could prompt another, and all that will go downhill from that point. This is the reason it is significant that you think of a strong arrangement and to adhere to it, and if that arrangement fizzles, make certain to have a back-up arrangement and back-up for that back-up arrangement. 

While there are numerous acceptable arrangements out in the Australian lodging market today, it’s not possible for anyone to deny the way that building your own home gives a novel encounter, particularly in the event that you are a major enthusiast of DIY. Be that as it may, your energy to make things on your own will never be sufficient for you to turn into a fruitful home builder.

  1. Survey your home building and task the board’s abilities. 

On the off chance that you are not certain about your abilities as a homebuilder and task administrator, you might need to leave constructing your own home. Aptitudes and experience are significant with regards to developing your own home on the grounds that even a little blunder may bargain the entire venture. Notwithstanding, on the off chance that you are an accomplished and gifted manufacturer, assembling your home without anyone else with the assistance of dealers should be a charming assignment. Basically, you must be extra certain about your abilities and experience prior to beginning the task else you will simply wind up burning through your time and cash. 

  1. Secure every single fundamental grant. 

You should realize that before you can construct your own home in Australia, you need to make sure about an endorsement by the Council. You may have to make sure about the Development Application (DA) and Construction Certificate (CC) else you can’t execute your arrangements. You may think that it’s supportive to employ a private certifier who can help you in making sure about CC. In any case, try to advise the private certifier that you are building your own home. 

  1. Recruit just the merchants you trust. 

Building a house is certifiably not a stroll in the recreation center since it will require many individuals to deal with the task. On the off chance that you wish to fabricate it yourself without employing an overall contractual worker or development organization, the primary predicament you may experience is the way you will recruit dealers who will help you finish the venture. This turns into an extra troublesome issue in the event that you don’t have a clue about any merchants who can furnish you with productive and reliable help. Consequently, it is critical that you require some serious energy searching for the correct subcontractors in light of the fact that their administrations will mean a ton to the culmination of the undertaking. 

  1. Try not to expect that all that will go as plan. 

As with MetaTrader 5, building your own home does not always go according to plan. There are numerous proprietor developers who wanted that they have not begun the venture at all as they have confronted numerous issues and issues end route. These people were not prepared for such a colossal undertaking, which is the reason they handily got debilitate and basically surrendered. This is the reason it is a need that you work with your trusted merchants and materials provider. Subsequently, before you at long last choose to fabricate your own home, ensure that you have back-up plans on the off chance that your unique arrangement comes up short. As it’s been said, consistently get ready for the most noticeably terrible, so when large issues come, you are prepared to settle them. 


Forex Trading 101: How to Profit via CFD Stocks

A famous quotation states, ” Amateur traders want to be right while Pro traders want to make money.” If you are a trader and you are reading this article at the moment, I am pretty sure that you are someone who is looking for pieces of information to help you profit from your Forex Trading journey. You’ve come to the right page as we are about to go through a lesson about CFD Stocks.

Are you the right man for CFDs?

Contract for differences (CFDs) are designed for traders who do not fear losing. CFDs are undeniably promising in terms of returns but the risks should never be neglected. Next, CFDs are for traders who wish to have a control on their investments. Finding the right platform for CFDs will allow them to do so because the right platform has to allow the trader to trade for himself. Third, CFDs are perfect for people who are into short-term trading transactions simply because these derivatives normally expire in a couple of days or weeks. Fourth, If you are wishing to enhance your trading experience, then you are definitely the man for CFDs. CFDs allow you to trade from the Shares Market up to Forex Trading Market worldwide. Finally, CFDs are for independent individuals because they give you the freedom to trade as much or as little as you can.

CFD Explained

As a trader, you have to be aware that CFD trading is just like shares rather than stock trading. To understand this, let us go back to our definition of terms. Stocks is defined as a collective noun used to describe shares across multiple different companies.Shares on the other hand is a legal term used to describe the part of a company owned by an individual or organisation.In the case of CFD stocks trading, you get to purchase a contract between you and the CFD handlers. Thus, you are given an opportunity to deal between the difference of the opening and closing rate of a particular contract. CFDs may be in the form of shares, indices, commodities, currencies and bonds. Just like stocks and shares, you will need a platform which allows you to easily profit from the movement of a particular stock when dealing with CFDs. In relation to the movement of a CFD rate, the market usually provides the bidding and the offering rate. Bidding rate is simply the other term for selling rate and the offering rate is also known as the buying rate. Subtracting the buying to selling rate will give you the spread. Consequently, the spread is where you would get your profit. As for your position, trading coaches suggest that you choose the “buying” option if you observe that the asset has a great chance to increase its rate in the market. Go the other way(selling option) if market rates get lower.

How to earn Profit from CFDs

As mentioned earlier, CFDs can undoubtedly provide great profit to traders but this requires your expertise to read and interpret market rates as these provide essential details towards correctly placing your position. Look for platforms with coaches who would readily provide insights on how to become proficient with CFD handling. It also pays to have with you some tools or applications that you could use as a contingency measure in case of a forecasted loss.