Best Android Video Downloading Apps


Nowadays, everyone is having smart phones with them. There are hardly any people who don’t use these phones. From a small child to an old person, everyone knows how to operate these smart phones. Most of the people are using android operating system which is developed by Google. These android phones come with many features in them. They provide us with many applications like Whatsapp, Instagram, Facebook, Skype and many more. Most of the people know how to operate these apps and they have their full participation in social media sites. Android phones are also providing us with many applications through which we can download music, videos, photos, text, etc. very easily.

The best android video downloading apps are as follows:

  • Mediaclip: This app helps you to download your favourite videos with few clicks in the smart phone. It is very easy to use app. The process is very simple. You just have to visit the websites from the app and when you find the video, press the download button located at the right corner. These downloaded files will be automatically stored in phone memory. You can download the videos at faster speed. You can even play the videos directly from the application. They also give the option to preview the video before downloading. Still this app is not that much versatile to use.
  • Videobuddy: This app provides you to watch and download your favourite videos, movies, music and many more. It provides access to many multimedia portals like Facebook, Instagram, etc. This app provides you the facility to watch online moviesand TV show for free. It also supports the HD quality download. This also allows you to share the content to the offline store. This app can also be used as media player and you can also play your favourite music tracks. You can download this app to perform the multiple functions. The data downloaded can bestored in the application memory not the phone’s memory.
  • Ymusic: This app is useful to play background music and download the videos. This app has some cool features which users are looking for. It directly downloads the media in device storage. It also provides the facility to download video and music in quality you want. It has simple user interface. You can also listen to the music when the screen is off. Even it provides user the facility to make their own playlists, and add favourite videos and music to it. So that you can watch them anywhere and at any time without any interruption.
  • Vidmate: It is the most versatile application to download your favourite videos. It allows you to download the latest, trending movies and tv shows. By using Vidmateapp, they allow to stream videos from different platforms like Metacafe, daily motion, Instagram, even YouTube and many more. Vidmate old version lets the user to download media in Mp3 only. But now its new version offers you to download the videos in any quality, as per the wish of the user. It is the fastest app to stream and download the videos. User can watch and download videos for free.